A Safe & Secure Home Starts with Smart Home Services

A Safe & Secure Home Starts with Smart Home Services

Smart Security, Surveillance Cameras, & Access Control Give You Peace of Mind

Not long ago, a home with an alarm system and a few CCTV cameras was considered a secure place to live – a virtually impenetrable fortress against thieves. Now, yesterday’s alarm systems aren’t enough to protect you from today’s tech-savvy burglars. In fact, older home security systems can usually be circumvented. Instead, you need tamper-proof, smart home security that offers superior protection for your family and home in Denver, CO.

Electronic Integration specializes in smart home services that include the installation of AI-powered surveillance cameras, smart door locks, video doorbells, access control systems, and much more. Discover how to have a more secure home by reading below.

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You’ve Got a Friend in AI

Let’s put to rest all those bad thoughts and scary dreams about AI (artificial intelligence). AI in the real world works for you, not against you. For instance, AI-powered surveillance cameras keep watch over your home when you can’t. Equipped with night-vision, face and object recognition, two-way communication, and complete integration with your lighting and smart home system, these cameras ensure a safe and secure property at all hours of the day.

Best of all, they are intuitive. They “know” when there is a real threat on your property. So, you won’t receive false alerts when your spouse or child comes home late at night or an animal trips a motion sensor. A smart camera is able to recognize events that warrant an alert. If it happens, you receive an immediate notification to your smart home tablet and smartphone.

Take Control from Near or Far

A robust Control4 home security system not only includes smart cameras with notification features but also access control. Right from your tablet, smartphone, or computer you can let houseguests into your home, lock and unlock doors, and arm and disarm your security system.

Are you concerned about something that goes bump in the night? Or do you want to check in on your home while you’re away? Open your smart device and view live footage from your cameras. You can even pan, tilt, and zoom them for a better angle. In fact, if you’re concerned about anything and want to shed light on the problem, turn on the lights in your home by tapping an icon. Complete access control is at your fingertips!

Would you like to find out more about our home security and smart home services? It’s easy to get started! Call Electronic Integration at 303-761-7277 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to making your home a safer place to live.