Free In-Home Consultation

Join us and step into the high tech world of Electronic Integration.

Each home is different, each household’s individual viewing and listening habits are different, and budgets vary. These are all accounted for by Electronic Integration’s Free In-home or Blueprint Consultation to provide the potential and most appropriate uses for audio, video and automation.

Electronic Integration’s Free In-Home Consultation includes:

    • Discussing your viewing and listening preferences and needs with you.
    • Conferring on your budget desires.

home office flat screen mounted on wall

  • Analysis of the type of home construction.
  • Confirming accessibility for wire routing and power outlets to all speaker placements, video positions and other communications support systems.
  • Assessment of existing equipment, components and wire for potential integration into the new system.
  • Examining each room’s acoustics and design compatibility for correct speaker placement.
  • Evaluating room size and seating preferences in order to determine most appropriate video format and components.
  • Appraising the considerations for a control system.

From this information, Electronic Integration will provide an individualized proposal designed to offer the most satisfying home entertainment experience for your family and home. It is almost like shopping at home … and it is Free!

Just call, email, or come in to set up a Free In-Home Consultation by Electronic Integration.