Keep Watch Over Your Home From Miles Away

Keep Watch Over Your Home From Miles Away

How a Robust Smart Home Alarm System Puts You in Complete Control of Home Security

Imagine you’re at the office or on vacation, and you receive an alert from your home’s alarm system. What are you going to do about it when you are miles away? If you have a standard security system, then the best thing you can do is drive home or contact a neighbor to see if everything is ok. In a world of smart technology, don’t you think you can do better than that?

A smart home alarm lets you monitor activity, view footage, take control of the cameras, and even talk with the people on your property from a remote location. You’ll not only keep all eyes on your home, but you’ll enjoy full control of your system, as well as the locks and doors. Read more to see why you need a smart security system in your Denver, CO, home.

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Everything In Full View

A comprehensive smart home alarm system includes surveillance cameras that capture 4K footage. It’s almost like you’re watching a 4K movie in your home theater. Guests or intruders are easily recognizable – no blurry images! If you want to check on your property, simply open up your tablet or smartphone, and you’ll view footage (live or recorded) in living color!

Take Control of Your Cameras

Bet your old security system can’t do this! Today’s advanced surveillance cameras can be controlled remotely. Pan, tilt, and zoom them to get the best view of your property. There’s no hiding when you have smart cameras. Some cameras even offer 360-degree viewing – up, down, left, right, and everywhere in between!

Search for Times, People, & Events

Let’s say you want to review footage, and you’re looking for something specific. Simply type in a search term to locate it. If you are concerned about porch pirates, type “person on the porch.” The security recorder pulls up all footage that matches your requests. You can also search for specific times and events by typing in a term, just like a Google search. Your system is so smart that it even automatically recognizes unusual activity and sends you alerts when they happen.

Lock and Unlock Doors

Home security isn’t only about intruders. You can also remotely unlock doors for family members who forget their keys or the code to get in. In addition, if you left the house in a hurry, lock the doors via your smartphone. Or, if you’re in bed at night and are worrying if the doors are unlocked, check your tablet. With smart locks, securing your home is as easy as a swipe.

More Smart Security Is Waiting for You

We’ve highlighted four ways you can benefit from a smart home alarm system, but there are many more features. They include two-way communication, automatic notifications sent to the authorities, infrared cameras, motion sensors, video doorbells, geofencing, and much more! With a smart security system installed in your home, you’ll always enjoy peace of mind, whether home or miles away.

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