Security and Networking

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Home Security and Camera Systemshome network camera system

The latest generation of home security systems provides just that security and safety. Detectors, cameras and sensors are strategically utilized to discriminate types of emergencies fire, break-ins and so on and pinpoint the location. Advanced security becomes simple when Electronic Integration designs your system based on your family’s specific needs. Sophisticated camera system alternatives include night vision, multiple camera positions, active viewing on televisions or PC’s and recording. These security systems also interface with home automation control for ease of use.

Home Networking and Computer Systems

Computer networks have traditionally been associated with businesses, until now. The nerve center of today’s Smart Home is an electronic network to distribute data throughout the home. Whether it is security, internet, computer networks, temperature and lighting control, or entertainment, it requires an integrated system to satisfy the demands of the modern family. Electronic Integration effectively imparts vast experience in power management to sophisticated applications including enterprise class networking, back-up automation, and router system design and installation.