Control4 OS 3: A Better, Customized, & Easier System

Control4 OS 3: A Better, Customized, & Easier System

Improve Your Smart Home Design by Upgrading to Control4’s State-of-the-Art Interface

One of the most distinctive characteristics of humanity is our desire to improve. This is abundantly obvious as we look back at the last 100 years or more. New machines, medicines, medical inventions, and technologies have radically transformed our society in positive ways. Without advancements and improvements, we’d be stuck in an endless time loop – doing the same things the same way over and over again. 

Control4, a smart home design company, is committed to an ever-advancing drive toward improving its technologies. The OS 3 system was developed to add more luxury, convenience, and joy to your smart home experience in Denver, CO. In this blog, we’ll discuss the three ways this updated system takes you into the future of smart home technology. Keep reading to learn more! 

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More Control at Your Fingertips

At one point, having a few smart lights or smart shades in your home was considered “luxury.” But as more smart technologies entered the market, the concept of home automation expanded and improved. The same is true with the Control4 OS3 system. It offers control of more technologies with an evolved and fluid interface. Now, with over a thousand new features and enhancements, you can adjust every technology in a modern, intuitive, and enjoyable way! 

The OS 3 offers more flexibility and usability than ever before. Whether you want to use your in-wall touchscreen, a smart home tablet, the Neeo remote, or your Control4 smartphone app, you’ll enjoy a range of convenient ways to take immediate command of your home. 

Control4 OS 3 Gets Personal 

We live in a world where customization is highly sought after. Customization not only caters to your personality but also enhances your lifestyle. The OS 3 gives you unmatched personalization and control features. It gives you the power to make your smart home uniquely yours. If there are icons on your smart home tablet that you don’t want, it’s easy to remove them and customize the home screen to your liking.

For instance, mark your most frequently used rooms or technologies as favorites. Then, with a quick swipe, you control them without scrolling through several screens to do it. Do you want a unique look for your tablet or app? Select from a number of wallpapers or pick a photo from your own library. With screen customization, you can change the appearance of your tablet or smartphone app on a whim. 

Go from Complex to Simple

Smart home design is a sophisticated system, but it doesn’t need to be complicated to use. The OS 3 is intuitive. That is, it’s designed to be used by humans – not computers. So, everything about it offers you easy access to all devices in your home. With a swipe, sleek sliders let you adjust your technologies, such as lighting, motorized shades, and music. You’ll also know what’s playing through your whole-home audio system by glancing at your tablet – it’s right there in front of you! 

Also, it’s easy to check the status of your security system, smart door locks, and other technologies on your tablet or smartphone. Do it while watching a movie, resting in bed, or spending time away from home on vacation. The OS 3 gives you seamless and simple control wherever you are. 

Add more simplicity and control to your life with the OS 3, Control4’s innovative smart home design system. Get started by calling Electronic Integration at 303-761-7277 or filling out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.