Did You Know Smart Home Security Can Do This?

Did You Know Smart Home Security Can Do This?

Discover Some of the Most Useful Yet Little-Known Features of Newer Home Security Systems

What are the first things that come to mind when you think of a home security system? They’re probably the cameras, recorders, and alarms. Absolutely, they are essential components. In fact, we’ve covered these smart features in our previous blogs about home security. But what you may not know is smart home security does more than record footage and provide immediate alerts when a threat is detected. It is even more proactive! 

Instead of waiting for a threat to occur, it stays ahead of the problem. In this blog, we’ll focus on five unique features of a robust security system. Keep reading to see why you need one in your Denver, CO, home. 

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Lights, Cameras, Alarms! 

Not long ago, home security systems were little more than alarms and cameras that recorded an event. It wasn’t proactive at all. Now, a truly smart home security system keeps you updated with all activities in and around your home. But did you know your cameras can be integrated with your home’s lighting and alarms? If an intruder trips an invisible barrier set by motion detectors or your cameras, an alarm is triggered. Then all the lights throughout your property flash. It’s an effective way to send burglars scurrying!

How to Achieve Mockupancy 

You can’t be home all the time. Still, you want a home that is secure while you’re at work, running errands, enjoying a hobby, or miles away on vacation. Mockupancy is the key! Since a smart home security system learns your daily routines, it can pretend like you’re home when you’re not. For instance, it raises and lowers the motorized shades at a particular time each day, adjusts the lighting, and even turns the home entertainment system on and off. Since it looks like you’re home, intruders leave your home alone. 

Smart Video Doorbells

Ding dong! Who’s there? When you have a video doorbell, you’ll know. In fact, you won’t only see the person in high resolution, you can have a two-way communication with them. In addition, the person doesn’t even have to touch the doorbell. If someone approaches the door, your system sends an alert to your phone and activates the camera – recording all activity. Now, when the doorbell rings, answer it on your touchpad while watching a movie in your home theater, when you’re in bed, or even via your smartphone if you’re away from home. 

Automatic & Remote Locks

Who needs keys? With smart locks, your door knows when you leave home or arrive. Most products sync with your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. So, when you enter or exit a defined perimeter, your smart locks take over to secure your home. That means you can come and go without worrying whether you locked the door. This is an excellent security feature for families too. Let’s say you’re at work and your kids get home from school. As they come up the driveway, the front door unlocks for them and then locks shortly after to ensure they are safe and sound. 

Smoke, Fire, & Water Leak Detectors

A security system primarily keeps your home safe from external threats. However, there are also threats that come from within, such as fire, radon, carbon monoxide, and water leaks. Sensors and smart thermostats detect emergencies as soon as they happen and alert you immediately. For instance, a smart thermostat recognizes changes in moisture level and temperature. At the first sign of problems, you’ll receive an alert to your phone or smart home system. It’s just another way smart home security keeps your home and family safe. 

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