Outdoor Speaker, Video, and Control Solutions

Create the perfect outdoor entertainment solution for your home and family.

outdoor entertainmentRecent advances in technology have provided us with amazing possibilities for bringing entertainment to your outdoor areas.

The Right Way

The most basic way to provide outdoor entertainment is with one or more pairs of weather-resistant outdoor speakers. Better coverage and a far better outdoor experience is provided when you have several sets of speakers operating at a low volume instead of one pair of speakers playing extremely loud.

Controlling It All

Once you have great sound outdoors, how do you control it? Electronic Integration has wireless control options for complete management of your outdoor entertainment choices. Imagine sitting outside with your friends, listening to music from high school or college days. One of them asks if you can play something more recent, so you hand him your two-way remote control and say he can choose the next music selection!

Weatherproof Visuals

Outdoor video continues to gain in popularity. Electronic Integration has a series of LCD TVs represent the ultimate in outdoor television. These TVs are completely weather proof. Yes, rain can pour down on the set and has no effect. They are about twice as bright as regular LCD sets, so you get a pretty good picture even in sunlight.