4 Ways Control4 Gives You Effortless Command of Your Home

4 Ways Control4 Gives You Effortless Command of Your Home

Add More Luxury and Convenience to Your Life in 2021 with C4 Smart Home Automation

The new year is here, and with it brings new and improved ways to enjoy better control of your smart home’s technologies. Control4 is a leader in smart home products and integration. In 2018, Control4 unveiled its new robust OS 3 system that makes your life more convenient and your home safer, more comfortable, and easy to enjoy. The company has expanded on this upgrade ever since with smarter security devices, cooler remotes and more.

Simple to operate and even easier to learn how to use, the Control4 smart home automation system dramatically improves how you interact with your home in Denver, CO. Keep reading to discover the four popular C4 technologies that can transform your way of life in 2021.

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  • Start the New Year Right with Smart Lighting

Automated lighting is one of the most popular smart home technologies. It adds a level of control, comfort, and convenience that most homeowners don’t experience. By touching an icon on your smart home tablet or smartphone, you enjoy complete access and control of every light on your property. Put smart lighting in your rooms this year, and you’ll see your home in a different light.

You’d never imagine that something as simple as turning on your lights could be enjoyable. With Control4 smart home automation, it can be. Not only can you do it from your seat, but you can set lighting scenes for different times and events. For instance, instead of turning on and off lights when leaving the house, simply touch “Away,” and all the lights adjust to your preprogrammed settings. You can also set a “Morning” scene. When the time comes, your motorized shades rise, and the lights turn on automatically with the right hue and color you want.

  • Improve Your Home Entertainment Experience

Who doesn’t like enjoying a good movie, TV show, or sporting event? Sitting with friends and family or having some “me time” in front of the TV can be refreshing and entertaining. Do you know what’s even better? Doing it in a home theater that’s designed to excite your senses! If you have a spare room, why not transform it into a private cinema? Complete with a 4K UHD (ultra-high-definition) TV with HDR imaging, an immersive surround-sound system, luxury theater seats, and all the theater décor, your new theater space is the perfect place to get lost in home-entertainment luxury.

A Control4 smart home system integrates all the technologies in your home theater, so you have one-touch control of the lights, motorized shades, audio system, TV and streaming services, and even the climate. This year, it’s time to relax and unwind in your high-end home theater. Electronic Integration is a home technology specialist that can design and install a dedicated theater space that’s perfect for your needs.

  • When a Door Opens, You’ll Know It!

Nothing is overlooked on your property if you have smart security. Today’s AI-powered cameras and recorders capture everything in high definition and identify threats intuitively. Using object and face recognition, they detect anything out of the ordinary. If a threat is triggered, you receive an alert so you can respond immediately. But smart security goes way beyond cameras. A robust home security system also includes automatic door locks, remote access control, geofencing, and integration with your lighting system. Further, it connects everything under one central automation system to give you one-touch control.

In other words, Control4 puts you in the driver’s seat. You’ll be able to see everything happening in real-time on your property, lock your doors, and arm and disarm the system remotely. In addition, with the Chime (the Control4 video doorbell), you can even answer the door while you’re at work or running errands.

  • Create an Impressive Outdoor Entertainment Space

Why not take entertainment and smart technology outside this year? Even though the winter months can ice over your outdoor plans, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your property. For instance, outdoor lighting helps to cast a beautiful glow on your yard – creating a wintery wonderland. It not only improves your home’s appeal, but landscape lighting is an excellent deterrent for would-be thieves.

As the weather warms up, outdoor entertainment may become one of your favorite pastimes. By installing an outdoor sound system and outdoor TVs, you make your pool deck, backyard, or porch an ideal place for entertaining. Whether you’re hosting a party with a few close friends or enjoying a relaxing time by the pool, Control4 makes it worthwhile. The smart lighting sets the mood while your ultra-bright TV provides a visually stunning display. And don’t forget your outdoor sound system. It creates an immersive audio experience for parties and private alike.

Make your life even better this year by updating to a Control4 smart home system. Learn how Electronic Integration, the premier Control4 dealer in Denver, CO, transforms how you interact with your home. Get started by calling (303) 761-7277 or filling out our online contact form.