Seamless Control of Your Lights, Locks, and Home Security

Seamless Control of Your Lights, Locks, and Home Security

How Smart Home Automation Gives You Complete Command Through One Interface

It’s one thing to have a few smart technologies in your home, but it’s quite another to enjoy seamless control of all of them via a touchpad, smartphone app, or voice control. Instead of using a remote for your motorized shades, another one for the lighting, and yet another one to control your TV and audio system, why not integrate everything? With one interface, you put all your home’s technologies at your fingertips.

Take command of your home and experience the ultimate in luxurious living through a fully integrated smart home automation system. Keep reading to see how a smart home makes it seamless to operate the lights, locks, and security system in your Denver, CO, home.

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One-Touch Home Lighting Control

Not long ago, dimmers and sliders were considered “smart technologies.” Homeowners enjoyed the convenience of adjusting the illumination level of the lights in a room. Now, we have something much better! Today’s smart lights can be controlled with a Control4 home automation system. Touch a smart home tablet, a smartphone app, or a wall panel to automatically adjust the illumination and color of your lights.

You can even set lighting scenes. For instance, a “Bedtime” scene changes the hue and brightness of the lights in a room based on your preferences. When you select the scene, you set the mood for a wonderful night’s sleep. Why not add motorized shades into the programmed scene? Then, they’ll silently lower as the lights dim.

Locks That Practically Think for Themselves

Did you forget to lock your doors when you left home? With smart locks, you’ll never worry about it. Automatic door locks or doors that operate via access controls (e.g., biometric access or keypads) ensure you have a home that is always secure. Even if you have a standard lock and key system, you can make your locks smart. If you are away from home, check your smartphone app to lock the doors remotely.

Smart locks are especially handy if you need to unlock your front door for a friend or family member. Whether you’re at work, on vacation, or just in another room, you can use your smart home system to unlock the door for someone you trust. Smart home automation is so smart that it alerts you if you forgot to lock a door, or a door is ajar.

Smart Security for a Safer Home

Your family is always safe and secure when you have a smart home security system. Unlike those from years past, today’s security systems are powered by artificial intelligence and sophisticated video analytics technology. For instance, smart cameras not only send out mobile alerts when a threat is detected, but they also recognize faces, objects, and unusual movement on your property.

Remote access and control features allow you to view live and recorded footage from miles away. You can also take control of the cameras, arm and disarm the system, and alert the authorities by tapping an icon on your smartphone. If something goes “bump” in the night, you don’t need to get up. Just open your smart tablet to check the interior and exterior cameras. Smart home security gives you real peace of mind.

Learn how you can control all your smart home technologies from one easy-to-use interface. Call Electronic Integration or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.