Smart Home Automation Simplifies Your Mornings & Evenings

Smart Home Automation Simplifies Your Mornings & Evenings

Easily Control Your Entertainment, Lighting, Security & More  

Technology was meant to make our lives easier, not busier. So why do most people feel just as drained as ever?  

Perhaps it’s because all our technology is disjointed. Folks use separate apps, websites, and devices to achieve all their daily tasks. What if all your home’s technology was connected under one network?  

Smart home automation systems, like Control4, let you control TVs, speakers, thermostats, smart lights, shades, security devices—and so much more—from one system. Whether you use a remote, the app, a voice assistant, or a custom wall keypad, your Denver, CO, home will be much easier to manage.  

Below we illustrate the differences between morning and nighttime routines in both a ‘regular’ house and a smart home. Read on to see if home automation is right for you!  

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Mornings Without Home Automation  

Most mornings start like this: you get out of bed, perhaps too cold or too warm, depending on the time of year. Maybe you check the weather online and walk into the hallway to adjust the thermostat. You then raise the blinds in your bedroom, letting in the sunshine, and walk to the bathroom.  

In the bathroom, you turn on the lights. You connect your phone to a Bluetooth speaker and start your shower. After drying off and dressing, you walk downstairs and turn on the kitchen lights. You may start up the coffee pot, eagerly waiting for it to finish, so you aren’t late for work.  

When it’s time to head out, you scurry to turn off the lights, turn off the HVAC, and lock the door. They’re all small tasks, but they certainly add up to an already tiring morning!  

Waking Up in a Smart Home  

Ready to turn your morning routine upside down? As you wake up, tell your voice assistant “Good Morning” or tap a morning scene on your smart system app. Instantly, all your desired shades slowly rise, and appropriate lights turn on. The thermostat adjusts to the perfect temperature, and as you start shower jets, music automatically plays over in-wall speakers. And your coffee pot already started brewing downstairs!  

As you leave the house, press “Goodbye” on your home system’s app, and every light turns off, heating/cooling shuts down, and doors lock. There’s no reason to stress about being late now!  

Regular Nighttime Routines  

If you’re the last one awake, it’s up to you to walk around the house, turning off lights, shutting off fans, locking windows, checking door locks, and lowering shades. When you’re exhausted, the last thing you want to do is shut the house down. If only there were an easier way… 

Ending the Night with Smart Home Control   

Well, you’re in luck! With a professionally installed smart home, all you need to do is press one button on a tablet, phone, or wall panel to prepare your property for nighttime. Tap “Goodnight,” and the doors lock, the lights shut off, the shades lower, and all technology powers down. Select landscape lights can remain on, keeping your house bright enough to deter any potential crime.  

If you’re curious about adding smart home automation to your Denver home, let Electronic Integration be your guide. Contact us here, and we’ll be in touch to discuss your new home project. We look forward to assisting you!