Not so long ago, security cameras were little more than camcorders. They recorded footage, but that was about it. In order to identify a burglar or trespasser on your property, you had to scan through hours of footage to locate the event. Even then, getting a clear image of the intruder was nearly impossible – unless the person stopped and waved at the camera for a headshot!  

Thankfully, things have changed. The security cameras of today are more intuitive and sophisticated than ever. When you have a smart surveillance system on your property in Denver, CO, you enjoy the ultimate in home security. Keep reading to discover the five most impressive and futuristic features of today’s surveillance cameras.  

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Feature #1: High-Resolution Cameras 

We live in an age where every screen we look at is in high resolution: phones, computers, and TVs. Why shouldn’t a security camera have the same feature? Well, now it does! When you review footage from your live or recorded camera feed, it’s almost like you’re watching a 4K movie in your home theater. Smart surveillance cameras offer the highest level of detail to capture the clearest images. Some camera models also include night-vision and thermal imaging – making it impossible for an intruder to hide.  

Feature #2Face & Object Recognition 

Decades ago, putting a camera on the corner of your house seemed like a smart way to deter burglars. Now, those older cameras miss the mark, big time! Not only were the images blurry, but the “not-so-smart” cameras would send alerts to homeowners if a dog came into view or something ordinary triggered an alert. Your newer and smarter cameras recognize faces and objects using advanced video analytics and AI technology. They identify details like license plates, faces, animals, and objects. So, you only receive alerts when the cameras recognize a real threat.  

Feature #3Two-Way Audio System 

Let them know you’re watching. Smart surveillance cameras allow you to have two-way communications with a visitor or even an intruder. A high-fidelity microphone captures every sound and lets you talk back to them. Whether you are giving instructions to visitors at the front door or warning “porch pirates” that their movements are being recorded, the audio quality of the cameras makes it sound as though you’re close by. However, you could be accessing the surveillance system remotely with your smartphone.  

Feature #4Remote Access and Control 

Remote access is one of the most impressive features of today’s home security cameras. You can control your camera from anywhere: your bedroom, your office, or another part of the world. Check out the live footage, talk to a visitor, and even move the camera (tilt, zoom, and pan) with your smartphone or smart home tablet. Want to view live or recorded footage? It’s easy to do on your mobile device. Search by date, time, or keyword. For instance, if you want to see if a package was delivered, type in “package on porch,” and the system locates any footage that matches that search term.  

Feature #5Mobile Alerts 

Don’t want to hire private security guards? Most homeowners don’t. Fortunately, you won’t need any. Your cameras watch your property 24 hours a day and send mobile alerts when anything is out of the ordinary. If something triggers a motion sensor, or your camera notices a stranger on your property, you’ll get a message on your phone or smart home tablet. If an actual break-in occurs, your security system sets off the alarms, notifies the authorities, and sends you an immediate alert. And the entire time, everything is recorded by your cameras in high definition. 

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