The Advancements in the Latest Security System Installation

The Advancements in the Latest Security System Installation

Explore the Most Sought-After Features in Today’s Home Security

More homeowners today than ever before are turning to a security system installation, prioritizing home safety and security. According to a study by Safe Home, at least 39 million U.S. households possess alarm systems. These systems include access control devices, video surveillance systems, and more. Why the rising demand?

Unfortunately, part of the reason is the rising crime rates. Once incredibly safe, Denver, CO, now outranks New York City in terms of violent and property crimes. Auto theft is the second highest in the nation.

But the growing use of home security is about more than securing property and keeping loved ones safe; it’s also due to the incredible technology transforming these systems. Not only do they detect possible intrusion and theft, but they also let you know when you have a water leak, when someone’s accessed an off-limits area, and when your toddler is heading for a swim in the pool. 

Let’s explore the latest technology in home security and find out all the ways it can help you protect your loved ones!

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Remote Access

As security system installation and home automation experts serving Denver, CO, for over 30 years, we’ve witnessed the changing landscape firsthand. Today, remote access is one of our clients’ favorite home security system features. No matter where they are, whether it’s the backyard or another country, they know they’ll receive notifications regarding any activity on their property. 

This event may be as simple as a delivery driver dropping off a package to a stranger in the backyard at night. Strategically placed security cameras allow them to check on the alert and determine what action is required. From this same platform on their mobile device, they can lock all the doors, arm the security system, and turn on the floodlights.

Invisible Boundaries

We can also set invisible boundaries, known as digital tripwires. Because of the rising car theft, many clients activate tripwires around their cars when they’re left in the driveway. 

Those who have younger children may also use them around the pool, and parents with teenagers may set them up in front of liquor cabinets. When these invisible boundaries are crossed, you receive a notification. These same systems can also notify you when an object’s been moved, such as that car in the driveway.

Take Action

Smart security systems give you the power to take immediate action instead of finding out about an incident after it’s occurred. For instance, one proactive measure is speaking to a possible intruder through a two-way intercom while switching on all the lights. Did you hear a noise in the middle of the night? Pick up the tablet by the side of the bed and check the live video feed while making sure all the doors are locked.

Your system also takes action on its own accord. Should it detect smoke, it can tell you where it’s coming from, turn on the lights that show the best way out of your home, and unlock the doors. 

As you can imagine, this is just the tip of the iceberg regarding today’s home security features and abilities. To learn more about our security system installation process or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Electronic Integration today.