Feel Safer At Home With A Lighting Control System

Feel Safer At Home With A Lighting Control System

Compliment Your Denver Home Security System With Automated Lights

When you were a little kid and were absolutely positive something was lurking under your bed, what was the first thing you did? Did you turn on the lights?

Since we were small, lights have had a calming effect on us. There’s something about seeing what’s in front of us that makes us feel safer. (Or, it simply relieves us to know that there actually are no monsters under the bed.)

Either way, as adults, many homeowners appreciate the additional feelings of security that come from having easy access to lights through a lighting control system. Whether needed to steady our steps in the dark or make us feel less alone, lighting is a security blanket we rely on.

Continue reading to learn how a lighting control system can add a sense of safety to your Denver, CO, home.

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Feel Welcomed, Not Afraid

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been gone for a week, a day, or a few hours; coming home to a dark house can be slightly unsettling. But coming home to a welcoming pathway lined with lights, glowing exterior house lights, and a bright entryway can make you feel at home.

Likewise, when expecting guests in the evening, lighting controls are an easy way to group lights into a perfect welcoming scene that assists your guests in safely making their way to your front door.

Use Timers 

If you have plans to be away, you may find more comfort in knowing that a lighting control system will illuminate your house at night. Scheduling house lights is a typical security practice homeowners use to deter criminal activity when traveling.

Timers can come in handy at home in other ways too. For example, if you have children, setting a light timer will let them know when it’s time for bed. Or, scheduling night lights to turn on can help them find their way to the restroom in the dark.

You may also set timers for other lights around your home to save time when preparing for bed. For example, all lights off at 11:00 p.m. will ensure you don’t overlook a room and accidentally leave lights on.

Remote Accessibility

A lighting control system provides homeowners the ability to manage lights remotely. Whether you are upstairs or downstairs, outside or miles away, you can easily access your home’s lights from a tablet or smartphone app

Light Sensors

Lighting controls can enhance existing security systems by assisting with illuminating security concerns. Most home security cameras, for instance, do not produce a very clear image when filming in the dark. But, if you pair cameras with a motion-activated light outside your home, it can assist in capturing a higher-quality video. These lights are suitable for driveways, garages, or storage sheds. You can also subscribe to alerts when the light is activated.
If you’re interested in learning more about a lighting control system for your Denver, CO, home, please reach out to the experts at Electronic Integration.