Smart Home Security Solutions from Control4

Smart Home Security Solutions from Control4

Turn Your Home into a Wall of Protection

Control4’s intelligent home controls provide a variety of options to simplify living. From whole home audio to lighting control, home theater, and climate, Control4’s solutions give homeowners peace of mind. But one solution is especially helpful on this front: the smart home security function.

You may not realize it, but having scheduled daily routines can make your home just as much of a target for crime as leaving your home entirely in the dark while you’re away. Today’s smart home security solutions allow you to change consistent routines, keep criminals guessing, and protect your most loved possessions.

Continue reading to learn more about the smart security solutions from Control4, delivered by Electronic Integration throughout the Denver, CO, area.

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Keep an Eye on Things

With Control4’s smart home security system, homeowners can keep a close watch on their residences while away. With customized alerts, you can program the system to notify you of specific activities in your home. For example, receive a notification when your kids have arrived home from school or an alert about a water leak in your basement. So no matter where you are, you can have peace of mind knowing your home is being monitored.

With monitoring systems from Control4, you can be alerted to motion or suspicious activity at any time of day or night. In addition, Control4’s app makes accessing your home’s security controls simple. 

Take advantage of the intercom feature in Control4’s system to receive calls and dial into your home’s control centers throughout the day. Can’t remember if you have to buy milk at the grocery store? Call your kids at home and ask them to check. Are you expecting a delivery today? Receive a notification when it’s at your front door, and call to tell them where to place it.

With smart home security from Control4, you can:

  • Check in on security cameras
  • View the status of door locks
  • Turn outside lights on or off
  • Open or close the garage door
  • Arm your security system

The app makes these tasks easy to manage, even on the go.

Daily Schedules

Control4’s “Mockupancy” feature allows homeowners to program the lights and TVs to turn on and off at specific times each day so their home appears occupied. The system can automatically:

  • Turn your lights on when you would usually rise for the day
  • Open and close your motorized shades 
  • Open and close your garage door
  • Operate inside lights throughout the house in the evening
  • Manage outside security lights

The Electronic Integration team has ideas for securing your Denver, CO, home using a smart home security system from Control4. We’d love to help you assess your needs and deliver outstanding security products that provide peace of mind. Contact us today!