Listen to the Music . . . All the Time!

Listen to the Music . . . All the Time!

How Control4 Gives You Access to All Your Favorite Music Streaming Services

Online music streaming services have changed the way we enjoy music. In our homes or on the go, we have immediate access to every song in our playlists – and any song we could possibly think of. No longer are we restricted by records, cassette tapes, CDs, and MP3 storage on our phones, but our choices are limitless, and our music enjoyment is boundless!

A Control4 home automation system at your home in Denver, CO, makes the experience even better. Control4 is known for integrating beautifully with a wide range of third-party products – more than 14,000! So, it only makes sense that their smart home system is the perfect match for many music streaming services, such as TIDAL, Spotify, and SiriusXM. Read on to learn the benefits of each streaming service.

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Spotify Offers Millions of Songs & Podcasts

Looking for a hidden gem, such as an old Gershwin tune from the 1920s? Maybe you’d rather create a playlist of all the Beatles’ music. Or perhaps, you simply want to choose a station, such as Contemporary Blend or another genre, and listen to music through your whole-home audio system. Whatever you want, Spotify has got it for you!

It’s so easy to access Spotify on your Control4 smart home tablet or with your smartphone. Simply find the song you want or select a playlist, and stream the music in any room in your house. But music might not be your thing. That’s ok, because Spotify now offers non-music content, such as podcasts. Whatever you want, Spotify’s easy-to-use interface makes music streaming and audio listening a seamless experience.

The Hi-Fi Power of TIDAL

Want something better than standard fidelity music? We’re not knocking Spotify – in fact, the company plans to release a hi-fi platform in the future. However, TIDAL is a leader in high-fidelity music streaming services. They have been streaming lossless audio since 2014, giving you more than 70 million songs at your fingertips – as well as 250,000 videos.

Now, TIDAL is included in all Control4 systems (OS 2.7 and above). That means you can control your TIDAL music and deliver incredible sound throughout all the rooms in your home. Create playlists, and then browse and play tracks, albums, or favorites for any occasion by swiping an icon on your Control4 device. Or sit back and relax in your media room, and listen to hi-fi music through your high-end speaker system. It’s a musical experience like no other!

Get Serious about SiriusXM

SiriusXM is proud to give you “everything you want to hear.” From music and talk shows to sports, news, podcasts, and comedy, you’ll find just about every type of media genre on SiriusXM. The company got its start by providing satellite programs, which became quite popular for vehicle owners. Now, you can listen to Sirius stations anywhere: cars, phones and tablets, computers, and smart homes.

Even though this is a subscription-based service, it still works perfectly with your Control4 smart home system. Just like using TIDAL or Spotify, you can save favorite channels and stream live or recorded content in your home theater or any room in your house. As a subscriber, you can also win tickets to big-name concerts, meet-and-greets, sporting events, and other occasions. Start your music streaming experience with your Control4 system. Discover more by calling Electronic Integration at 303-761-7277 or visit our contact page to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.