Here’s A Home Theater System That Works Anywhere!

Here’s A Home Theater System That Works Anywhere!

Make Virtually Any Room in Your House a Thrilling Space for Home Entertainment

A few essential components come to mind when most people picture a home theater: a dedicated themed room, theater seats, a surround-sound system, and an amazing display. But are they really “essential?” It is ingrained in our psyche to believe home theaters should look like movie theaters. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, home theater systems that are versatile are becoming more and more popular.  

Today’s private home cinemas can be anywhere in your house – the living room, basement, or even the outdoor entertainment area. Instead of thinking “home theater,” think media room! In this blog, we’ll discuss how to make any home entertainment area into a magnificent multi-purpose space. Read more below to see how you can enjoy one in your Denver, CO, home.

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An Amazing Display from Sony

What would a home theater, media room, or multi-purpose entertainment space be without an excellent display? Whether you have a dedicated room for movie watching or you use an area in your home for more than one activity, the Sony 100” TV (The BRAVIA XR™) will make everything you watch come alive before your eyes. It gives you the ultimate big-screen experience!

The TV combines the extreme color and contrast of a full-array LED panel with the power of Sony’s Cognitive Processor XR™. The TV takes vision and sound to the next level because it “understands” how humans see and hear. The result is a whole new experience that immerses you completely in the movie, TV program, or sporting event. Add to that a 4K picture, HDR, smart technologies, and its sheer size, and you’ll enjoy the best in home entertainment.

If you want to go bigger, no problem! Sony’s projectors can cast ultra-clear, bright, and colorful displays as big as 200.” And their ultra-short-throw projectors allow you to cast a large image from an incredibly short distance – as close as one foot from the wall. So, essentially, your choices for video are virtually unlimited. Also, hidden technology allows you to hide displays when not in use. 

Surround Yourself in Immersive Audio

The audio system in your media space should immerse you in a movie or playlist you’re enjoying. Don’t rely on your TV’s speakers to do it. Although Sony’s BRAVIA XR has excellent speakers, they cannot give you the complete and realistic audio quality you need. Instead, you need a surround-sound system that puts you in the center of everything. Then as a plane flies overhead in the movie, it will sound like it in your home theater. When the bass drops when listening to a song, the low-end frequencies will resonate throughout the room.

Just like your TV and screens, you can hide your speakers as well. There are many excellent brands on the market that feature architectural speakers that blend in with your room’s décor or can be completely hidden. Then, when you’re not watching a movie or listening to music, your room won’t be “cluttered” with technology. Play a board game, cards, or rack up the balls to play pool in your multi-purpose room with the tech out of sight.

Take Control with Your Smart Device

Everything comes together with a smart automation system. When the TV, sound system, lights, motorized shades, and every connected technology are synced with your smart home, you enjoy complete control of each device. Touch an icon on your tablet or smartphone app and become the master of your domain. Make your room into a theater, a listening area, or a place for entertaining by simply tapping a few icons.

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