Motorized Shades Bring Beauty, Elegance, & Convenience

Motorized Shades Bring Beauty, Elegance, & Convenience

Experience One-Touch Control of Daylight and Privacy

Carefully chosen window coverings add elegance, sophistication, and beauty to your home’s design. They can change the mood of a room, with sheer elegant draperies creating a flowing, mesmerizing element that adds a warm, soft glow to the room. Roller shades may align with more modern aesthetics, while blinds can be a natural fit for colonial and craftsman homes. 

Motorized shades, however, offer much more than a design element. They help reduce energy usage, improve security, and provide effortless management of daylight. Let’s explore how homeowners in Denver, CO, experience added convenience through the use of these smart window treatments.

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The Importance of Sunlight

Sunlight offers many benefits. When the early morning sun enters our eyes, it produces serotonin, our “happy” hormone. When it touches our skin, it produces vitamin D. It warms our homes in the winter and brings a sense of peace and relaxation. Traditional window coverings, however, make managing this light difficult, interrupting our activity to raise or lower them to reduce the sun’s glare or bring filtered sunlight into our home. 

Motorized shades solve that dilemma. Now, with one touch on a keypad or touchscreen, you can raise or lower one or every shade in your home. Wake to shades that automatically rise when the sun breaks over the horizon and lower after the sun has set. These smart window coverings also automatically adjust throughout the day based on the temperature in a room, increasing the warming rays of sunlight during the winter months and reducing solar heat gain in the summer. 

Daylighting, the practice of allowing natural light to enter a home, is a growing consideration among designers and health experts. Motorized shades make this process much more manageable.

A Sense of Safety & Protection

While the sun provides healing benefits, direct sunlight can harm a home’s interior. Smart window coverings, triggered by time-of-day scheduling and sensors, automatically lower during peak sunlight. Additionally, fabrics offer UV protection, bringing in the beauty of filtered sunlight while protecting your home. 

When you’re away, these shades also offer safety and security. Tap the “Away” button on a keypad by the door, whether leaving for the weekend or an extended vacation. This prompts your shades to rise and lower randomly throughout the day, making the home appear occupied.

The Perfect Selection

Motorized window coverings come in almost every style, including roller and roman shades, Venetian blinds, and draperies. They also come in various opacities, creating the ideal window covering for different rooms. Some rooms benefit from dual window shades that allow us to place two treatments on one window. 

For example, bedrooms and home theaters may benefit from blackout and sheer shades. One lets the diffuse light of the sun through and retains the view of the outside. The other eliminates any light from entering, the perfect solution for sleep and watching movies.

At Electronic Integration, we provide sophisticated lighting and one-touch control systems that make our clients’ lives easier, more enjoyable, and more elegant. To learn about the many options in motorized shades or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Electronic Integration today.