4 Q&As with Your Expert Smart Blinds Installation Team

4 Q&As with Your Expert Smart Blinds Installation Team

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As your Denver, CO, area smart home dealer, we get asked many questions about smart blinds and the benefits they offer homeowners. We’re happy to help clarify any questions about this smart shading solution, including how they can help simplify your life, save money, and enhance home security.

If you’re considering investing in smart blinds, continue reading for helpful information about these automated smart home products.

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Q: How will smart blinds add convenience to my day?

A: As a member of the smart home family, you will be surprised by how much simplicity smart blinds will add to your day-to-day. For instance, how often do you get up during the day to open or close window coverings in your home? Perhaps the sun’s glare is catching you just right, or you want to check on the kids playing outside – there are so many reasons to open and close blinds throughout the day. Or what about the blinds that are just too high to reach? Smart blinds work with most smart home control systems, such as Control4, to make opening and closing the blinds as easy as pressing a button. 

Q: How do smart blinds protect my home furnishings from sun damage?

A: The sun’s powerful rays can cause long-term sun damage to items in your home, including flooring, furniture, and artwork. Prolonged sun exposure to any of these can cause irreversible fading and discoloration. By pairing your smart blinds with a heat sensor, you can program the blinds to close automatically, saving your home’s furnishings from prolonged sun exposure and long-term damage.

Q. How can smart blinds save me money?

A: Programming smart blinds to keep out the sun’s heat in the summer, and alternately insulate your home from the cold outdoors in the winter, helps to lower your home’s energy bills. Using a temperature sensor or a smart home control app, you can program smart blinds to open and close when a specific temperature threshold has passed. No matter which method you choose, whether the sensor or smart home control, the result will be a more energy-efficient home operation with less stress on your HVAC systems to keep up with quickly changing temperatures.

Q: How do smart blinds help with home security?

A: When you’re away from home, program your smart blinds to open and close at certain times of day, giving the appearance that someone is home. Using smart home control, you can schedule automated blinds to open and close, similarly to how lights are programmed to turn off and on. Because your home looks active and occupied, this helps to deter intruders and burglars while you’re away. 
Please get in touch with our team of experts at Electronic Integration if you have additional questions about how smart blinds work and how they can add convenience to your Denver, CO, home.