Home Theater Installation Creates the Perfect Private Cinema

Home Theater Installation Creates the Perfect Private Cinema

Enjoy a Great Escape by Watching Movies and TV Shows on the Big Screen in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Family time is important. It not only helps you create special memories, but it strengthens the bond you have between you and those you love. One of the most common activities that families love to do is watching movies, live games, or TV shows. There’s something magical and exciting about gathering around the TV a sharing a laugh, cry, or thrill together.

Want to make the experience even better? Electronic Integration has a great idea! Turn your spare room into a private cinema – complete with a large 4K TV or projector, a surround-sound system, theater lighting, and luxury seats. Custom home theater installation takes home entertainment to the next level. Read more to see how Electronic Integration in Denver, CO, can make special moments with your family even better.

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4K TVs and Projectors Take Center Stage

The star of the show is always the display. If you can see the individual pixels (those little dots on the screen), it ruins the experience. Instead, you need the images on the TV to “pop” with realism – vivid colors, fluid motion, and amazing clarity. You don’t want to leave it up to your imagination to clear up the blurry spots and dark areas on the screen. You want to see it all!

Whether you’re considering a TV or a projector and screen system for your home theater, it should be one that has remarkable screen resolution. Ideally, it needs to be a 4K OLED display with HDR (high-dynamic-range) imaging. An OLED TV is ideal because every pixel on the 4K flatscreen TV – more than 8 million – has its own light and color source. It also doesn’t require backlighting, so it provides a very realistic viewing experience. However, QLED are fantastic as well. Even though QLED TVs use backlighting, the technology is highly advanced. So, most consumers won’t notice a difference between an OLED and a QLED TV.

If you want a projector system but think your room is too small, think again! Now, there are short-throw projectors that cast clear and bright images on the screen from about a foot away. That means you won’t need a rear-mounted projector for your home theater. Best of all, the image quality is amazing – a perfect display from one end of the screen to the next.

Surround-Sound Is a Sure Thing

Do you have a soundbar? Leave it in the living room. It has no place in your home theater. In order the create the immersive experience you crave, we suggest a surround-sound system. The right system and setup are better than anything you’d experience in the movie theater. A high-end audio system includes subwoofers, ceiling speakers, wall speakers, and all the electronics to ensure you hear everything with crystal clear clarity.

The music, the dialogue, and sound effects put you in the center of the action. Is there a helicopter in the scene? Well, it might as well be in the room with you – because it will certainly sound like it! Are the actors whispering “sweet nothings” to each other? You’ll practically feel your ears tickle when they speak. And the musical score! Nothing beats the melodic and mesmerizing music of theme songs from Casablanca, Star Wars, Frozen, and other masterpieces. Surround sound is an absolute must-have for any private cinema.

Finally . . . the Ambiance!

One more item before you can ensure a phenomenal home theater experience: the lights! Automated lighting creates the mood you need for your space. These could include tunable LEDs, wall lights, floor lamps, or fiber optics. Your lighting design personalizes your theater. Choose modern, classic, or completely unique – whatever you want! The right lights ensure your theater looks different than the other rooms in your house. Best of all, you can control them with a smart home system. By pushing a button on your smart home tablet or smartphone, you adjust the lights and everything else in your home theaters.

Don’t forget the theater seating, the décor, and flooring too. Electronic Integration can help you make your private center look, sound, and feel perfect. Get started by calling us at (303) 761-7277 or filling out our online contact form.