Create a Pleasant Home Environment with Screen Innovations

Create a Pleasant Home Environment with Screen Innovations

How These 4 Motorized Shades Add Light, Ambiance, and Heat Control in Your Rooms

The summer sun is coming to Denver, CO. Of course, that means warmer weather, more outdoor time with family and friends, and longer days! With summer on its way, have you considered how to control heat and light in your home? While traditional, store-bought shades may work for some, they don’t provide the perfect solution for light control.

Motorized shades not only add beauty and privacy to your life, but they give you complete one-touch control of the natural light and heat that comes into your home. Take command of your indoor comfort with motorized window treatments from Screen Innovations. In this blog, we’ll highlight four smart shades that improve the look and feel of your home.

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Blackout Shades for the Big Show!

Are you planning a movie night? Maybe you want to watch a sporting event with friends? Your home theater is the perfect place to enjoy good times and big-screen fun. Set the mood by lowering your blackout shades. They create a comfortable space by preventing any light from entering your rooms and causing washout on your TV or projector screen. In addition, they help to ensure a home entertainment haven that is private – just like the movie theaters!

Light-Filtering Shades for Ambiance

You love the light that comes through your window. It adds beauty to your home and even elevates your mood. Give the sunlight additional appeal with light-filtering shades. These translucent motorized shades from Screen Innovations come in many colors to accent your room’s design motif. They will not block out the sun rays but gently filter them, changing the hue to create the perfect atmosphere in your rooms. You’ll enjoy a beautiful home filled with natural light, filtered through the sheer fabric color of your choice.

Eliminate Glare with Motorized Shades

The view is wonderful through your windows, but sometimes glare is a problem. This is particularly the case if you live on a lake or in an area with reflective surfaces. Darker-colored shades help to reduce glare while allowing light into your rooms. So, during those times of the day when it’s too bright in your home, press a button on your smart home tablet to lower the shades seamlessly. Then, you reduce glare while elevating the ambiance in your living area.

Heat-Reducing Window Shades

If you live in a home surrounded by trees, you probably don’t have a problem with heat coming through your windows. But for many people, motorized shades are highly effective at regulating heat in their homes. For instance, if your eastern- or western-facing windows get a lot of sun, smart window shades are the perfect solution for heat control. Light-colored motorized shades reflect the sun’s rays (and heat) back outside, ensuring the right temperature in your home. In fact, your indoor climate control system and smart shades can be programmed to work in tandem to create the ideal home environment.

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