A Home Theater Installation Designed for Your Family

A Home Theater Installation Designed for Your Family

Creating the Ideal Home Entertainment Through Personalization

As a Denver, CO, firm specializing in custom-designed home theaters and integrated automation, we’re routinely called with the question, “Is a home theater installation worth it? 

We’re happy to report that a personalized home theater designed with your family’s needs in mind never grows old. In fact, if you’re ever wondering where your kids are, check the home theater. 

The truth is that life gets overwhelmingly busy, pulling us in a million different directions, and before we know it, we’ve spent little time together as a family. A home theater, designed and installed correctly, brings your family together, creating those priceless, irreplaceable moments. At Electronic Integration, we’re proud to be a part of that experience. 

Let’s explore what makes up a home theater installation. 

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The Required Elements in a Home Theater

When designing a home theater, two critical aspects ensure it’s a room your family falls in love with. It needs to offer the entertainment your family enjoys and do it in a way that suspends their disbelief. In other words, if you have a music lover, a video game enthusiast, and a movie buff, will they all relish time spent in your new entertainment mecca?


Creating a Home Theater Everyone Loves

While many of our clients envision tiered custom recliners with LED-lit cup holders, elegant wall sconces, and fiber-optic ceilings reminiscent of their favorite commercial cinemas, others envision a more relaxed affair. These may incorporate plush sectionals and chaise lounges, some gaming chairs, recessed lighting, and LED tape lighting that creates a luminous glow in numerous colors selected with one touch. 

After we come up with the design elements that offer the ultimate experience for you and yours, it’s up to us to create an environment where you lose your concerns for a few hours. This level of immersion requires a screen large enough to occupy your field of vision and a projector that delivers lifelike images in brilliant colors and detail.


The Sound That Surrounds You

It also requires an immersive sound field. Today’s standard in home theater audio is Dolby Atmos. This audio format delivers sound as objects placed within a 3D sphere. You hear the rain fall around you, the helicopter hover overhead, and the whispers as if they’re coming from behind you. You’re no longer in your home theater but on Venice Blvd., in Barbie World, or deep beneath the oceans of Pandora. 

In addition to creating lifelike audio, we also ensure no outside distractions. Through carefully chosen and installed soundproofing and acoustic paneling, the sound is pure and distinct as the director or musician intended, with no outside noise to you out of your otherworldly oasis.

As you can imagine, many elements come together to create the ideal home theater for your family. To explore the possibilities or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Electronic Integration today.