Experience Effortless Living with Home Automation

Experience Effortless Living with Home Automation

A Smart Home Sets the Stage for Each Occasion with One Touch

While it may be hard to imagine, there was a time when changing the TV channels required getting up from the couch and manually switching stations. Back then, we also had payphones, pagers, and landline phones—alien concepts to the younger generations. One day, we’ll look back upon traditional homes in much the same way. 

Today, home automation offers incredible convenience, far surpassing the changes handheld remotes brought to the TV. Now, from a remote, touchscreen, smartphone app, or in-wall keypad, you can control lighting, shades, climate, security, all your many entertainment devices, and much more. With one tap of a button, your home in Denver, CO, is just the way you want it. Remarkable.

Let’s explore a few unique ways a smart home provides comfort, security, and enjoyment. 

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Extreme Comfort

When you think about it, much of our time at home is spent opening and closing window coverings, adjusting thermostats, turning lights on and off, or forgetting to. At Electronic Integration, our seasoned technicians can program the system to create the perfect settings during different times of the day based on your preferences. 

That may mean lowering the thermostat, turning off the lights, closing the shades, and locking the doors at bedtime. As you wake, your home sets the perfect temperature and streams soft music through your bedroom, raising the volume every 10 minutes to gently nudge you awake. The lights in the kitchen illuminate to the perfect hue and temperature, and the shades open to reveal another beautiful day.

Extreme Enjoyment

Whether you want to enjoy the ideal environment for relaxing or entertaining, an intelligent home creates the perfect setting in seconds. We’ll program scenes that optimize your home for all your regular activities, from dining to outdoor barbeques, exercise, relaxing, or working. 

Do you regularly have friends and family over? The “Entertainment” button sets the desired lighting, streams music throughout your home, illuminates your front landscape lights, and unlocks the doors to welcome your guests.

A whole-home audio-video system delivers the ultimate entertainment. Fill one or every room with high-definition content, from streaming high-performance music through nearly invisible in-wall and in-ceiling speakers to 4K movies and your favorite TV shows. 

All the AV equipment is neatly housed in a closet and distributed to every TV and speaker. For those looking for the ultimate cinematic experience, today’s home theaters can provide immersive entertainment rivaling the best movie theaters in Denver. 

Extreme Beauty

One of our clients’ favorite automation systems is architectural lighting control. When integrated with the latest dynamic LED lighting, you can use the newly integrated Control4 color wheel to set the lighting in your home for every event—instantly changing the color and intensity. 

Are you having friends over for a tropical-themed party? Set the stage with lights that reflect the colorful theme, highlighting your home’s best features in saffron, marigold, indigo, and cobalt blue. At Electronic Integration, our team is made of passionate audio, video, and home automation experts, who have been creating customized smart homes with best-in-class entertainment for over 18 years. To learn more about home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Electronic Integration today.