Experience Lifelike Images & Immersive Sound with One Touch

Experience Lifelike Images & Immersive Sound with One Touch


Technology has become an integral part of our home environment. From 4K HDR TVs that have grown to over 100 inches to the speakers that bring pristine audio to every room, almost every area of our home is touched by the latest and greatest in audio and video. 

But what about those homeowners that appreciate clean architectural lines, a sense of serenity, and a home unencumbered by large video displays and floorstanding or bookshelf speakers? Do they have to give up the incredible entertainment the latest AV offers? Fortunately, the answer is a resounding no.

At Electronic Integration, we partner with industry leaders that realize the need for high-performance entertainment invisible to the eye, at least until it’s ready to be enjoyed. Called hidden technology, it’s one of our clients’ favorite features, giving them the gift of immersive lifelike images and surround sound without the bulky equipment that mars their beautiful home. 

Let’s explore the many options this concealed and camouflaged technology offers.

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Today’s 4K high-definition TVs have changed how we watch our favorite movies, shows, and documentaries. These TVs create images with depth and realism once only found in our neighborhood cinema. And the bigger the picture, the more lifelike it becomes. To retain our home’s aesthetics, however, we tend to downsize or limit the rooms where we enjoy these displays. 

World-class manufacturers answered the demand for the latest home entertainment that remains unseen. Some brands offer beautiful mirrors in designer frames that morph into TVs. Others turn from masterpieces found in the Louvre in Paris into 4K QLED TVs. You can even display your own photography.

In bedrooms, a popular solution is TV lifts that enable screens to drop down from the ceiling or rise from the floor or specialty furniture with the touch of a button. Custom-designed panels can slowly open to reveal the display hidden behind them. Given the correct dimensions, we can even hide TVs behind your current artwork.


Growing in popularity is the latest surround sound technology that creates an all-encompassing sound field. Because of the speakers used to create this impressive audio, many homeowners reserve it for home theaters and media rooms. However, we can strategically install today’s architectural speakers in ceilings and walls, delivering the surround sound experience to any room. Additionally, these can be placed throughout the home as part of a whole-home audio system that lets you experience high-performance music in any room or the entire house.

These speakers may appear as recessed lights or painted to match their surroundings. Some brands have gone further and designed invisible speakers that deliver breathtaking music seemingly coming from nowhere. These speakers are finished over with the surrounding material, becoming a part of the wall or ceiling.

Are you ready to experience home entertainment at its finest while retaining your home’s beautiful design? At Electronic Integration, we specialize in integrating customized technology that’s easy to use, enhancing your everyday life. To learn more about hidden technology or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Electronic Integration today.