The Beauty of Hidden Media Room Speakers

The Beauty of Hidden Media Room Speakers

Enjoy High-End Audio without Ruining the Interior Decor of Your Dedicated Media Room

When was the last time that you upgraded your home entertainment setup? Technology is constantly evolving, meaning that if it has been more than a few years, your equipment is outdated. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your home media room with the latest and greatest technology!

One component that can make or break your experience is your speakers. An immersive surround sound system will put you right into the middle of your favorite movies. But what if you have limited space in your media room or do not want large audio equipment distracting from your interior decor? Then you should consider hidden or invisible speakers. These audio devices blend seamlessly with your space while offering high-quality sound.

Read on to learn more about the importance of hidden and invisible media room speakers in your Denver, CO, home.

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Wiring is one of the biggest headaches homeowners face when installing an audio system. After all, who wants wires covering their walls and distracting from their interior design? Our AV experts eliminate this clutter in your media room by hiding all your wirings inside your walls using a wiring map showing where cables, speakers, volume controls, and more are placed. Your speakers and subwoofer unobtrusively connect to your amplifier. The amplifier, controllers, components, and other devices are stored in a utility rack hidden in a closet to prevent clunky technology from ruining the aesthetics of your space.

Hidden vs. Invisible Speakers

There are two kinds of in-wall or in-ceiling speakers to choose from: hidden or completely invisible. Hidden speakers are installed in the wall or ceiling and covered by a smooth, paintable grille that resembles a recessed light. This small circle or square is mounted flush to the wall or ceiling and painted over in the same color as its surroundings to further blend in.

Invisible audio is an even more discreet option. In this case, the speakers are installed in the wall and then covered with the wall surface texture and color, eliminating the need for a grille and visibility of the speaker. Even if you paint or wallpaper over the speaker, you still have crystal clear audio!

High-End Audio

When you invest in a high-end audio brand, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers bring audiophile-quality sound. Integrate your speakers into a multi-channel setup or whole-home audio system to create a fulfilling audio experience. While it may not be a good fit for stereo listening, invisible and hidden speakers are perfect for your home theater or media room. In media rooms that are multipurpose areas and have limited space for bulky audio equipment, discreet speakers are a fantastic choice.

Are you ready to turn your living space into your dream media room or home theater? Our audio video experts work with you through every step of the design and installation process to ensure we exceed your expectations. For questions or potential projects, contact Electronic Integration here. We would love to work with you!