4 Q&As with the Outdoor Audio Experts

4 Q&As with the Outdoor Audio Experts

All You Need to Know About an Outdoor Speaker System 

Who needs restaurant patios and rooftop bars when you own a high-end audio system in the backyard? Instead, your home becomes your summer oasis as your favorite music wafts through the breeze. 

Many homeowners don’t realize a permanent, weatherproof speaker system is an option for their outdoor areas. Instead, they might unplug their indoor speaker and lug it outdoors—or rely on a tinny, portable speaker for all their outdoor listening. 

There’s a better approach! An outdoor speaker system delivers hi-fi audio over multiple speakers synced to the same music sources. How does it work? We answer commonly-asked questions about outdoor audio below to help you get started for your Denver, CO, home. 

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1. How Many Outdoor Speakers Do I Need? 

To hear music clearly across a wide area, you’ll need several speakers to fill audio gaps. One or two speakers won’t be sufficient because without walls for sound waves to bounce off, music will sound faded or quiet. Outside, audio details are lost when there isn’t enough coverage. 

So to build an outdoor audio system, we recommend wiring a series of speakers to the same amplifier and controller. There are many outdoor speaker models to choose from: tiny satellite speakers, large 3-way bollards, and even rock-shaped speakers. With more speakers, you won’t need to crank the volume to the highest level, making it more comfortable for your family and the neighborhood! 

2. How Can I Improve Bass Outdoors? 

Bass notes are notoriously tricky to replicate outdoors. But if you want to bring more soul to your music, consider including an outdoor subwoofer that delivers rich, low notes. Outdoor subwoofers can be installed partially below ground, blending into your landscaping but delivering the “punch” needed to make your music come alive!

3. What If I Want to Hide My Outdoor Speakers? 

Like the idea of outdoor audio, but aren’t sure if you want to see speaker equipment among the grass and plants? For a more camouflaged look, you can install rock-shaped loudspeakers, small satellite speakers, or hidden burial subwoofers. When we install outdoor sound systems, we trench wire underground to eliminate tripping hazards and unsightly cables. We can work with you to design a system that complements your lawn without detracting from natural elements. 

4. How Do I Install an Outdoor Sound System? 

You could attempt to DIY your outdoor installation, but to save time and frustration, an AV professional like our team at Electronic Integration can handle it for you. We wire outdoor speakers to one centralized control system that you can access via a remote, smartphone, or even customized wall keypad. We can sync the controller to indoor audio too, so you can wirelessly access speakers across the entire property. 

We know where speakers sound best and how to assemble systems for superior audio quality. So if you want to feel like live music is playing in your backyard, trust the professionals. 


Curious to learn more about outdoor entertainmentContact Electronic Integration in Denver, CO, to get started today. We look forward to working with you!