4 Ways a Smart Home Security System Keeps Your Family Safe

4 Ways a Smart Home Security System Keeps Your Family Safe

Learn How Smart Technology Creates a Safer and More Secure Home

If you’ve lived long enough, you know that the only real constant in life is change. This is certainly true when it relates to technology. Over the years, we’ve seen rapid advances in home technologies, such as lighting control, home audio and video, smart home control, and smart home alarms. They add more luxury, convenience, and security to our lives.

However, it’s essential to stay up to date with the latest innovations – especially with home security. If you don’t, you’ll miss out on important changes that help to protect your family and property in Denver, CO. In this blog, we’ll highlight four important features of today’s super-smart home security systems.

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Immediate & Automatic Mobile Alerts

The security systems of yesteryear weren’t very smart. Certainly, they added a level of security, but the cameras did little more than record events on your property. The alarm system wasn’t much better than the cameras. You could arm and disarm it, but often, a false alert would trigger the system, causing it to sound the alarm – sometimes in the middle of the night!

Now, the technology is much better. Cameras, recorders, and home alarm sensors are powered by artificial intelligence and other state-of-the-art technologies that recognize a real threat when they see it. And when it happens, you’ll get an immediate alert sent to your smartphone or tablet. So, if a door or window is left open, an intruder crosses an invisible barrier, or your child arrives home, you’ll know it. Whether you’re in bed or miles away, you can have peace of mind knowing your smart home security system keeps all eyes on your property.

Lights, Cameras, and Security

Say cheese! If an intruder enters your property, and you have smart cameras, he might as well be taking a selfie. Today’s cameras record footage in high-definition quality, even 4K. You won’t have to struggle to identify a person, because they’ll be right there in crystal clear, living color. Modern surveillance cameras offer the highest level of detail – almost the same as your home theater’s TV.

Also, a home security system can be integrated with landscape lighting. If your cameras detect a threat, your outdoor lighting turns on – even the floodlights if you wish. Intruders won’t be able to get away with anything. Smart security cameras also have zoom, tilt, pan, and remote-control features, making it easy for you to see every square inch of your property.

More about AI-Powered Security

One of the most impressive features of smart security is its use of artificial intelligence. Both the cameras and recorders use video analytics and pattern-based algorithms to identify faces, objects, and even unusual activity. If a stray dog is in your backyard in the middle of the night, your system recognizes it as an animal, not a person. Even more impressive, your system can tell the difference between a family member and a stranger.

Searching live footage is a breeze. If you want to know who took a package from your front porch, you’ll find the culprit in a matter of seconds. Simply search by keyword, such as “person on porch.” Then your security system locates any matching footage. Most importantly, you don’t need to be home to do any of this. Smart security systems include a mobile app you can use to access your system from anywhere in the world.

Geofencing Sets Up an Invisible Perimeter

Do you want to customize your smart security system? It’s so easy. Not only can you program alerts, face and object recognition, and other events, but you can also set up an invisible perimeter on your property. When an intruder breaches the barrier, it triggers your security system. Geofencing works well for small areas and large areas with a wide range of customizable features.

For instance, if you have audio-video equipment in your outdoor entertainment areas, you can set up a geofence that protects everything from theft. In addition, the system can be linked to your family’s smartphones. It recognizes when you’ve come home or left home – disarming and arming everything based on your location. It’s just another way home security is seamless and smart.

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