Consolidate Remotes & Simplify Your Life with Home Automation

Consolidate Remotes & Simplify Your Life with Home Automation

How a Smart Home Company Can Improve the Way You Interact with Technology

Smart home technologies are supposed to make life more convenient, right? For the most part, they do. And they also add more enjoyment to life. Click a button on your remote, and you watch 4K movies in your home theater. Use another remote to seamlessly lower and raise your motorized shades. You can do the same thing with your smart lighting!

But the problem is if you don’t have an integrated smart home system, you’ll need to keep track of multiple remotes, apps, and interfaces. Wouldn’t it be easier to control all your technologies from one system? Fortunately, you can! Electronic Integration, a smart home company in Denver, CO, can make it happen for you. Keep reading below to learn what integrated technology and seamless control can do for your living experience.

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Take Command with a Tap

Imagine being able to control any technology in your home while sitting on your couch or lying on your bed. When you live in a smart home, it’s so easy to do. Using a smart home tablet or smartphone, you simply select the system and make any adjustments you want. Dim the lights, turn up the whole-home sound system, or check the surveillance cameras from one location. You can also pause a movie in your home theater to answer the video doorbell – while seeing who it is on the big screen.

Tell Your Home What to Do

Bet your old remote can’t do this! If you’ve got your hands full or you prefer an incredibly seamless way to interact with your home, try voice control. Today’s smart home systems from Control4 let you adjust all the integrated technologies in your home by simply saying a command. For instance, when you come home in the evening after shopping for groceries (and you have your hands full), tell your home to turn on the lights, start the oven, and play your favorite music through in-room speakers.

Control Your Home from Miles Away

A company like Control4 makes smart home automation a part of your life – at home or away. Whether you’re at the office, on vacation, or in another part of the world, you still have complete and seamless access to every technology in your home. If you’re concerned about home safety, your security system alerts you immediately when there’s a problem – and you can check the recorded and live surveillance footage wherever you are. You can also lock and unlock doors, adjust the motorized shades and lighting, and change the indoor climate settings from your phone.

Set Your Home for Geofencing

How about a no-touch and no-voice smart home solution? Geofencing allows you to preprogram any technology in your home to operate based on your location. For example, as you leave to go to work or run errands for the day, your home takes over – the smart security system turns on, the doors lock, and the climate adjusts to “unoccupied.” When you pull into your driveway, the system knows you’re there. So, the indoor lights turn on,  the hot tub jets fire up, and your TV gets ready for your favorite movie.

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