Smart Lighting Isn’t Just for Indoors | Landscape Lighting Control

Smart Lighting Isn’t Just for Indoors | Landscape Lighting Control

Bring Brilliant Smart Lighting to Your Outdoor Spaces 

Imagine you’re about to drive home from an outing and the sun is setting. You take out your phone, tap your smart home app, and turn on your home’s outdoor lights—even from miles away. 

We help homeowners automate and intelligently control their outdoor lighting to add beauty and convenience to their lives. If you have low-voltage landscape lighting in your Denver, CO home, have you ever considered taking it a step further with lighting control? 

Let us share what makes outdoor smart lighting a helpful home investment. 

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Save Color & Brightness Scenes 

When you partner with Electronic Integration, we connect your outdoor lighting to a smart home controller that you’ll access via your phone app, tablet, or even custom wall keypads. On the smart system, we’ll help you create custom lighting scenes that fine-tune the color and brightness of outdoor fixtures, influencing the way your lawn and house looks after dark. 

From there, you’ll activate scenes through a single command—or schedule them to occur automatically. For instance, press a button labeled “Pool” that will turn on landscape lights around the pool and patio area. Or we can program a scene called “Night” that turns on select indoor and outdoor lights each evening. With help from Electronic Integration, landscape lights can be just as customizable as your indoor smart lighting. 

Control from Anywhere In the World 

A significant difference between DIY smart lighting solutions and high-end home controllers is that you don’t need to be on the house Wi-Fi or within Bluetooth’s range to control your lights. You can activate and power off the whole house right from your smart home app—even if you’re away from home. This comes in handy if you’re checking security camera footage and need extra light, or are preparing the house for your return after dark. 

Automate to Your Routine 

Smart landscape lighting may also be automated to follow specific directions and routines, so they’ll turn on each night at your preferred time. Want the backyard lights to stay on longer on the weekends than weeknights? Or do you prefer just the pathway lights stay on all night long? You can be precise about which fixtures and areas stay on and for how long, all scheduled through the smart home interface. 

Get Started with Smart Landscape Lighting 

Ready to see your outdoor spaces in an all-new light? If you’d like a professional to design and install a smart lighting control system in your Denver home, contact Electronic Integration to learn more today!