Avoid These 3 Home Theater Design Mistakes

Avoid These 3 Home Theater Design Mistakes

Work With a Home Theater Design Professional Like Electronic Integration

Deciding to invest in a home theater is an exciting project for any homeowner. You can already see yourself snuggled into comfy seating and loving every minute of high-quality audio-video performance. But, sometimes, the devil lies in the details of how to actually execute such a magnificent vision. This is where it pays to partner with a home theater company like Electronic Integration. 

Continue reading as we share some common home theater design mistakes to be mindful of when considering your cinema plan for your Denver, CO, home. 

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1. Overlooking Automation

How many remotes should a home theater have? Three…four? The answer is one—with the integration of a home automation solution like Control4. Smart automation will streamline the management of your entertainment technology so you can control everything using one user-friendly device. The simplicity will enhance the ease and enjoyment of your home movie nights.

Aside from the simplicity of a centralized remote, automation can also add to the “cool factor” of any home theater. By syncing lighting with audio and video components, you’ll create an immersive movie theater experience that will give you goosebumps of excitement before every show. Customers curious about ways to make their home theater more unique will be surprised to learn that automation is an easy solution.

2. Incorrect Lighting

Watching movies in complete darkness can strain your eyes. Did you know a dimly lit room is the ideal setting for enjoying movies? It could be a misstep if your home theater doesn’t have a lighting control system to make dimming easy. Appropriate lighting protects your eyes and enhances the room’s overall ambiance, making your movie-watching experiences more entertaining.

Also, lighting can play an important part in any room with stairs. If your room is tiered for better viewing, consider how lighting should be placed along the floor and walls for greater safety when navigating the room in the dark.

3. Interior Design Missteps

Certain interior design choices can detract from your movie-watching experience. Some suggestions we recommend include choosing darker wall colors to reduce light reflection and installing carpeting or large area rugs for better sound absorption to minimize echo. Beyond these basics, personalize your theater to your tastes with comfortable seating and fun wall art, creating a space that truly reflects your style.

Your Denver Home Theater Design Specialists

At Electronic Integration, we understand that while personalizing your home theater is exciting, there are technical aspects to it that might not be familiar. Our team helps Denver, CO, area homeowners create the perfect home theater experiences. We understand the importance of room acoustics and can guide you in choosing the right speakers and screen, ensuring you get the home theater of your dreams.

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