You Won’t Believe What Smart Security Can Do.

You Won’t Believe What Smart Security Can Do.

Keep an eye on your property with night vision, 360-degree viewing angles, and more.

If you’ve done some research, you may know why you should install robust, reliable home security cameras. It’s simple to keep your eye on everything at home, even when you’re out of the house. Just because you get the concept of integrated cameras doesn’t mean you’re getting the best out of them. How do you get better results with a camera system in your Denver area property? Find out here.

Color Night Vision

Night vision is nothing new, but modern video doorbells offer more than monochromatic imaging. Today’s systems use advanced technology to maintain vivid colors. That helps users and authorities distinguish events and, if necessary, improves the chances of catching a perpetrator.

And when color night vision isn’t an option, you can choose HDR capable systems as well. Though HDR doesn’t make a monochromatic image any more colorful, it does increase the range between the deepest visible black and the brightest white. So you’ll have more gradients of color and enhanced detail.

Hardwired video doorbells are the most efficient, and often deliver more capabilities. However, if you need to install a wireless, battery-powered unit on any of your entryways, you can count on smart features and integrated control to protect your property.

360-Degree Viewing Angles

Maintaining full visibility with 360-degree cameras is a smart way to enjoy full coverage of your entire room. You’ll benefit from positioning these in a garage or small space.

Cameras featuring 360-degree viewing angles offer app-based controls that allow image scanning and help identify the most important parts throughout the room. You can also integrate them with a large scale security system for even more control and organization.

Facial Recognition

In recent years, artificial intelligence has been a game-changer for home security. It protects your property from potential threats, and it can help minimize false alarms that reduce the effect of your system.

One of the most exciting technologies to come around is facial recognition. With the software, your cameras recognize the difference between the local postal worker and a total stranger. It helps you identify anyone as they approach your entryways and take action before danger occurs.

AI technologies continue to grow in 2020. For instance, predictive analytics maps out likely behaviors and can alert users if there’s a good chance they’ll trespass.

How can your home security cameras keep you safe this year? Find out by consulting the greater Denver area’s security and surveillance expert. Click here to work with Electronic Integration today..