Music, Music Everywhere In Your Home!

Music, Music Everywhere In Your Home!

Learn How Audio-Video Installation Transforms Your Home Entertainment Experience

It’s time to add more music to your life. Instead of confining yourself to one room to enjoy your favorite songs, movies, and live sports, expand your horizons with a whole-home audio-video system. A distributed AV system lets you listen to music and watch programs wherever you are in your home in Denver, CO. You’ll move from one room to the next and never miss a note or scene.

Why use earbuds or feel stuck in your seat during a movie? A home audio-video system takes your home entertainment experience to the next level, allowing you to stream content everywhere through a hi-fi speaker system. And with 4K TVs in every room, you enjoy the same ultra-high-definition displays in the kitchen as you do in your home theater. Keep reading to learn more about Electronic Integration’s audio-video installation solutions.

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High-Quality Music in Every Room

Headphones, earphones, and earbuds have come a long way over the years. Decades ago, you had to be plugged into a speaker system to listen to music through headphones. Then came the Walkman, where you could hear your favorite songs unattached and on the go. Today’s earbuds by iPhone are wireless, modern marvels that provide amazing sound quality without wires.

However, a whole-home sound system changes everything! Whether you use Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, or another streaming service, the system integrates with your smart home to give you one-touch command for song selection as well as speaker control. Play music in all your rooms as you go about your day. With a multi-channel system, you can set different playlists in various rooms in your house. It’s perfect for parties if you want to create unique audio experiences in different rooms: rock music outside, cool jazz in the living room, and Disney songs for the kids in the playroom.

You may wonder, “But what about sound quality?” A multi-room system not only allows you to stream music everywhere, but it also delivers hi-fi audio that is powerful and palpable. Even your state-of-the-art earbuds can’t do that. Premium floor-standing, bookshelf, in-ceiling and in-wall speakers and subwoofers offer the same amazing sound you get through your earbuds, yet they deliver a surround-sound experience you can feel.

The Best Way to Watch TV

For many homeowners, home entertainment reaches its pinnacle in the home theater. But it’s not always easy to sit still. What if you need to take a break, stretch your legs, or grab a snack? You’ll need to pause the movie or miss a scene. Fortunately, if you have a distributed video system, you’ll never think of the pause button the same way again because you can easily wander around your home without missing a critical part of the movie or an exciting play in a game.

When you have 4K TVs in every room, you’ll enjoy the same program without missing a second of it. Imagine how convenient that is? Also, just like your audio system, you control everything with your smart home touchpad, through a connected remote, or via voice control. Select the movie, adjust the volume, and choose the rooms to stream the video. In addition, you can even control your lights, motorized shades, and security system from your touchpad or smartphone app.

Add more entertainment to your life by upgrading to a whole-home AV system. Call Electronic Integration at (303) 761-7277 or fill out our online contact form to get started.