4 Reasons Not to Choose DIY Smart Home Integration

4 Reasons Not to Choose DIY Smart Home Integration

Are You Enthusiastic About Smart Home Tech? Good! But Don’t Install It Yourself. 

In today’s world of smart products (i.e., smart light bulbs, doorbells, security cameras, and more), it’s easy to think you can simply plug them in, and they’ll work perfectly in your home. After all, what’s so difficult about screwing in a lightbulb or sticking a Wi-Fi-enabled doorbell by your front door? Even though these DIY products offer some degree of home automation, they fall far short if you want to live a truly smart home lifestyle. 

Still, you may be tempted to do it yourself. In this blog, we cover four reasons why you shouldn’t DIY your smart home in Denver, CO. These are common mistakes DIYers often make. At the same time, we’ll help you see the benefits of using a professional integrator for whole-home automation. Keep reading for more! 

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1. Complexity

We’ve already touched on one of the reasons not to DIY your smart home. And that has to do with the size and complexity of the installation. It’s one thing to set up a TV and make sure it’s connected to your Wi-Fi, but it’s altogether different to integrate multiple devices (as well as apps, tablets, and remotes) into one streamlined system. At Electronic Integration, our technology experts not only know how to install all smart technologies but also a complete Control4 system. We’re not threatened by the complexity of it all. In fact, we excel at design, installation, and troubleshooting. 

2. Programming 

Do you remember what it is like to get a new phone and learn how to use it? It isn’t necessarily easy. There’s always a learning curve. Now, multiply that by a hundred! Imagine what you need to do to program all your smart home systems and devices . . . and learn how to use them. Even though Control4 is an easy system to operate, it’s not an easy whole-home automation system for DIYers to set up. But Electronic Integration is here to do it all – expert setup, programming, and instruction. 

3. Home Network

Nearly every person who attempts to set up a smart home system forgets about this: Wi-Fi and internet upgrades. If you have an average home network, then it will work perfectly for online movie streaming, computer and phone usage, and a few other network tasks. But a smart home system? That’s out of the question! A smart home demands much more from your home network. So, a network and Wi-Fi upgrade is essential if you want to enjoy seamless operation of all your smart home technologies. 

4. Maintenance & Troubleshooting

You may feel confident when purchasing a home, but you’re most likely not equipped to fix plumbing and electrical issues, roof damage, or other problems you’ll face in the future. Instead, you depend on skilled tradespeople to do them. The same is true with a Control4 smart home system. When Electronic Integration installs your system, we are available to provide upgrades, maintenance, remote help, and troubleshooting. That way, you always have a smart home that operates smoothly well into the future. 

Are you interested in a whole-home automation system? Don’t do it yourself. Turn to Electronic Integration for design and installation. Call us at 303-761-7277 or visit our contact page to schedule a consultation.