The Advantages of Whole-Home Audio

The Advantages of Whole-Home Audio

Explore the Exciting Perks That Await When You Integrate Audio Throughout Your Entire Living Space

Whole-home audio systems are significantly different from the traditional two-set speakers of the past. Whole-home audio allows you to play music, podcasts, or any audio you prefer in every room in your Denver, CO, house and extends to outdoor patios and entertainment areas.

Home automation expands and enhances your audio options, helps save space, and assists in seamless guest entertainment. Keep reading if you’d like to hear more about the benefits of whole-home audio from Electronic Integration!

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Less Clutter

In the past, AV entertainment meant endless cords, chargers, controllers, headphones, and various other devices necessary for connectivity. When you choose a whole-home option, you won’t have to worry about an abundance of equipment cluttering up your living or theater room shelving. 

Instead, you can operate the audio for every room in your home from one remote or a smartphone. Your speakers will be well-placed and considerably out of the way, freeing up your shelves for family photos and beloved knick-knacks. 

Fewer Connection Interruptions

Because we implement wireless technology in home audio systems that function separately from your phone (aside from control options), you face fewer interruptions while listening. Gone are the days when you have to pause your favorite song or true crime podcast for an email or text message notification. 

Because there are fewer interruptions, whole-home audio is an ideal way to entertain. For example, a Halloween party with audio throughout the home and outside allows guests to travel from room to room and to the backyard without missing out on Thriller. It’s a holiday must-have. 

Endless Convenience

One of the best aspects of whole-house audio is that you can easily control it from your tablet or phone. Though remote options are available with some brands, you’ll always have smartphone integration, which means you never have to deal with remote controls for your audio system. 

Working from home and listening to music simultaneously has never been easier. You can quickly silence your beats to take an important call and pick up where you left off once finished. 

Content for All

Flexible, endless content appeals to many of our home audio clients, particularly those with young children, teenagers, or both! Whole-home audio allows you to create zones that enable people to listen to whatever they want, wherever they want, even if someone else is in a different room listening to something else. 

The kids can listen to whatever they desire when doing homework, helping with chores, or relaxing in their rooms, while mom or dad can listen to their playlists while wrapping up work or making dinner. Everyone has access to their preferred entertainment when in their own space. 

Whole-Home Audio and Electronic Integration

Whether you’ve decided to overhaul your home automation entirely or you’re purely interested in audio options, Electronic Integration can help. Our whole-home audio options will take your home’s comfort and convenience to the next level and make your house the best party house in town. 

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