Climate & Comfort Come Together with Smart Home Control

Climate & Comfort Come Together with Smart Home Control

How Control4 Keeps You Comfortable by Putting Indoor Temperature Control at Your Fingertips

Seasons come, and seasons go . . . and with them come temperature fluctuations in your home. While you may enjoy the warm summers or even the chilly winters, you don’t want extreme temperatures in your home. Instead, your living space should maintain a consistent and pleasant environment all year round. Still, if your thermostat is off by even one degree, you may find that it impacts your comfort level.

Don’t adjust your thermostat! Let your Control4 smart home control system do it for you. The company’s climate control technology integrates beautifully with your smart home in Denver, CO, giving you one-touch convenience and a comfortable atmosphere throughout the year. Read more to learn how smart climate control makes home life easier and more pleasant.

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A Smarter Way to Heat and Cool Your Home

You may be thinking, “I already have a digital thermostat. Why do I need a smart one?” Just because you can set your thermostat to operate independently doesn’t mean it saves energy or is smart. However, a smart climate control system from Control4 automatically senses the temperature outside, the time of day, and the seasons to adjust your indoor climate accordingly. Unlike a traditional thermostat that simply follows orders, your smart thermostat is intuitive, learning from your daily behaviors and optimizing your home’s energy usage. Plus, you can control it remotely, so even if you aren’t home, you can prepare your house for a comfortable return. 

A Seamless Option for Indoor Climate Control

Do you have some rooms in the house that are either too warm or too cool? With hidden temperature sensors in each room, you’ll have a home that maintains the perfect comfort level wherever you go. In addition, because your indoor climate control system is fully integrated with your smart home, it’s easy to adjust the temperature right on a touchpad or smartphone. In fact, if you’re coming home from a vacation or after being out for the day, use your smartphone app to change the temperature in your home before you walk in the front door.

A Scene-Setting Experience for Optimal Comfort

It’s a cold winter evening, and you’re looking forward to relaxing by the fireplace. As you step into your den or living room, the fireplace automatically turns on. All you need to do is unwind in your chair or on your sofa, play music through your whole-home audio system, and sip cocktails or hot chocolate with a loved one. A smart home control system “knows” where you are and adjusts the climate accordingly. It can also be paired with your motorized shades, making them roll up or down when it’s sunrise or sunset. Would you like to learn more about Control4’s smart climate control system? Get started by calling Electronic Integration at 303-761-7277 or filling out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.