What Makes a Control4 System Different?

What Makes a Control4 System Different?

A smart home installation that’s easy to use

It’s summertime, and there’s never been a better time to upgrade your home technology. With a single tap, adjust multiple devices to action throughout your Denver-area property. Though there are few contenders when it comes to simple technology solutions, Control4, a smart home automation technology leader, stands out in its ability to make your integrated technology easy, intuitive, and fun. Why is Control4 right for your smart home installation? Keep reading to find out!


Ease of Use

Control4 puts control into the palm of your hand, thanks to intuitive interfaces that work within your lifestyle. Plus, smart home automation from Control4 is easy to program, so your system can function without lifting a finger.

With When/Then software, you can program your Control4 system with conditional statements in just a few clicks on your PC. For example, when you lock the doors, then the lights in the foyer dim. When/Then gives users control that previously only belonged to professional integrators. And it’s so easy to use; you can program your entire system in seconds.

Comprehensive Integration

Control4 combines the control of all your technology, from your lights to AV, shades and security systems. With a single interface, you can adjust all the technology in your home. Want to dim the lights and lower the shades? One tap does it. Another tap might set up your home theater for movie night or prepare your dining room for mealtime.

But Control4 isn’t just connectivity. It improves your home in ways you may not even think about. For example, tunable lighting fixtures help you stay comfortable throughout the day and night. By reflecting the changes in your natural circadian rhythms, tunable lighting automatically adjusts brightness and intensity to match the time of day. You’ll feel bright, refreshed, and relaxed for a more productive day.

Fun and Stylish

Control4 simplifies having fun with your system. Craft a new lighting design for each room of your home— or stream music through your entire property. And improve comfort settings with control over HVAC, shading, and other environmental systems.

A leader in all-encompassing, user-friendly automation systems, Control4 streamlines every aspect of your technology. Explore the possibilities of a home automation system customized to your lifestyle, needs, and budget. At Electronic Integration, you can trust us to deliver reliable results anywhere in your home.

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