Elevate Your Listening Experience with Paradigm Speakers

Elevate Your Listening Experience with Paradigm Speakers

The Founder Series Offers Uncompromising Audio That Is Powerful, Palpable, and Perfectly Pure

Some people enjoy listening to music on the go, and others want the best experience possible. If you fall into the second category, then you’re likely an audiophile – a person who loves hearing music in its purest form. That’s why standard stereo systems, speakers, and earbuds might not impress you. Instead, you want to hear the music as it’s meant to be heard with no distortion or compression. 

Paradigm is a high-end speaker brand that has been designing, engineering, and crafting high-performance speakers since 1982. From home theater Paradigm speakers and whole-home products to outdoor speakers and media room stereo systems, the company designs products that overwhelm you with outstanding sound in your Denver, CO, home. Keep reading to learn more about their latest model: the Founder Series. 

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It’s All about Authenticity 

Why settle for knockoffs when you can have the original? After all, you’d never buy a fake Gucci purse, Rolex watch, or diamond jewelry that was really cubic zirconia. Instead, you want the original. The same is true when listening to music. Audiophiles demand an authentic listening experience above all else. This is what makes a high-end speaker “high-end.” It produces uncompromising high-fidelity audio that’s true to the source. The Founder Series from Paradigm does exactly that by delivering the perfect nuance, detail, and realism you demand.

How is this achieved? The new tweeters of the Founder series are more accurate and responsive than other designs. They are composed of ceramic, magnesium, and aluminum to ensure precise sound reproduction. The midrange technology got an upgrade too! So, when you’re listening to a movie or vocals in a song, they’ll be more realistic and accurate than ever. In addition, the bass portions of these new Paradigm speakers are composed of strong carbon fibers that maintain perfect clarity even at the lowest frequencies. 

State-of-the-Art Technology for Ultimate Control

The feel of audio immersion is amazing when you crank up the volume. You want to feel the music and sound effects in your chest. Vibration is good, except when it affects the sound quality. That’s why Paradigm speakers (specifically the Founder Series) use an Advanced Shock-Mount™ System with shock-mount feet that decouple the cabinet from the floor. This makes it highly effective at providing vibration reduction. The result is less distortion and optimized audio performance.

Another technology the Founder systems introduces is the Oblate Spherical Waveguide (OSW™). The technology allows your system to adjust based on the room. That is, the speakers actively maintain their sonic focus, adjusting according to your listening area. No matter where you place your Paradigm speakers – the home theater, living room, bedroom, or dedicated listening area – they’ll work well, providing pure and unadulterated audio for the listener.

Learn more about the Founder series and the applications for your home. Call Electronic Integration at 303-761-7277 or visit our contact page to schedule a consultation. We look forward to enhancing your music listening experience!