4 Excuses for Installing an Outdoor TV This Spring

4 Excuses for Installing an Outdoor TV This Spring

Enjoy Sports Outside All Spring and Summer

A couple of years ago, the sports world was hit hard by the effects of the pandemic. Shortened seasons, rescheduled games, canceled tournaments, and many other issues changed the usual cadence of sport. Fortunately, that all feels like it’s behind us. Sports are back in full swing!

With spring in the air in Colorado, we get warm, sunny days and lots more time to spend outside. And there are lots of sports to keep up with, too! We have a solution for combining both pastimes in your Denver home – an outdoor TV installation. If you need an excuse (maybe you need to convince your spouse), we’ve got four of them for you below. These excuses should work, as long as they’re sports fans!

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NBA Playoffs

The NBA playoffs have just started, and they seem to go on forever. That’s good news, especially if you install the new Samsung Terrace TV. The Terrace brings Samsung’s class-leading QLED brightness and richly saturated color and contrast outdoors – exactly what you need in an outdoor TV. You can enjoy many evenings outside with multiple games at the beginning of the playoffs. Even if the Nuggets don’t advance this year, there will still be a lot to enjoy if you’re a basketball fan.


The good news: 40-year-old Roger Federer says he can come back from knee surgery. The bad news: It won’t be until after Wimbledon. Regardless, the French Open is coming, and so is Wimbledon, followed by the U.S. Open in early fall. Can Rafa do it again for an incredible 14th win at the French Open? Or will the new stars start turning the tide against the old guard? Watch matches night and day on your outdoor TV!


If it’s summer, it’s baseball season. Can the Rockies win the division this season? Even if they don’t, what’s a better way to spend a comfortable summer evening with a grilled meal, a cold Oskar Blues, and baseball? We’re having a hard time coming up with an alternative.


With the extension of the football season in the past few years, what was once considered a fall sport now starts in late summer and extends into winter. Let’s hope the Broncos can turn it around and return to the glory days of just a few years ago. Regardless, you can enjoy Saturday afternoon college ball while it’s still comfortable out in September and early-season NFL games too. Host game-watch barbeques in your outdoor kitchen and don’t miss a single play on your outdoor TV.

Spice up your outdoor fun with sports – or anything else you enjoy – with an outdoor TV installation. Contact Electronic Integration here to get started today!