Home Entertainment Takes the Fun Outside

Home Entertainment Takes the Fun Outside

Learn How Outdoor Entertainment Can Enrich Your Enjoyment of Movies and Music  

Spring is almost here, making it the perfect time to expand your entertainment space by adding an outdoor audio-video system. You’ll enjoy all your favorite movies and music while basking in the beautiful weather. Whether you’re spending time with family on your patio, taking a summertime dip in the pool, or hosting a party in your backyard, an outdoor entertainment system dramatically enhances the experience.  

Turn up the tunes, watch a new movie release, or catch a live game. There are so many benefits of an outdoor AV system. Don’t settle for a few exterior speakers or a TV display that fades into the background when the sun comes out. Keep reading to see how you can give your outdoor entertainment experience a big boost at your home in Denver, CO. 

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Vivid Outdoor TV Displays 

Why stay indoors when you want to watch a movie? The weather in Denver can be wonderful all spring and summer: Enjoy the pleasant months and your favorite movies outside! A big-screen outdoor 4K TV – along with comfortable seating, surround-sound, and the right décor – can transform your patio into a stunning outdoor home theater.  

Instead of letting your backyard be just something to admire, an outdoor entertainment system lets you take full advantage of every square inch of your property. Now, you can invite friends over to watch a movie, a game, or your favorite TV shows. Or spend family night outside instead of in your living room.  

Today’s outdoor televisions offer clear and vivid displays that can be seen even when the sun is shining bright. In fact, they are built to withstand bright environments, as well as snow, rain, and temperature fluctuations for optimal viewing all year-round. 

Your Backyard Is a Soundstage 

If you have a whole-home sound system, then you know the thrill of being surrounded by music wherever you go in your home. Now, you can have the same experience outside. However, designing a premium outdoor sound system involves more than placing a few speakers on your exterior walls. Instead, by strategically positioning speakers and subwoofers throughout your property, Electronic Integration achieves a surround-sound effect that’s just like your multi-room sound system.  

You’ll feel like you have a band in your backyard! Best of all, with a smart home system from Control4, you’ve got complete command of every technology at your fingertips. Tap an icon to open a streaming app or access your home’s media server. Then select the song or playlist, and you have music! Adjust the volume, pause the music, and choose a different song right from your touchpad. It’s that easy to enjoy the same smart control and home entertainment experience that you have inside your home.  

Find out more about creating the perfect outdoor entertainment environment at your home. Get started by calling Electronic Integration at 303-761-7277 or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.