Get to Know Your Backyard With Outdoor Entertainment Technology

Get to Know Your Backyard With Outdoor Entertainment Technology

Audio-video solutions turn your outdoor spaces into the ultimate destination

Summer is here, but many of us aren’t headed out of town on vacation this year, despite the plans we might have made before this pandemic. Instead, it’s the perfect time to get to know your metro Denver backyard and maximize your “staycation” experience.

While the world continues to social distance, you can transform your outdoor spaces into a stunning summer getaway with outdoor entertainment technology. From ultra-bright TVs to robust speaker solutions, it’s never been a better time to enjoy smart technology in your backyard. Ready to learn more? Keep reading.

Outdoor Speakers

Music is a massive part of many homeowners’ lives, and you can upgrade the audio tech of your outdoor spaces for incredible resolution and detail – even in large areas that require wide dispersion. An outdoor audio system works differently from an indoor one and delivers robust sound without room calibration.

Indoor systems are built with delicate materials like wood and silicon, which wouldn’t survive outside. Outdoor systems, on the other hand, are built to withstand various weather conditions. We can configure a multi-channel system of bullet speakers to hear everything, no matter where you are in the yard. 

TV Monitors

There are few things better than sitting in the sun and watching a baseball game. And while the season is a little shorter this year, there’s still plenty of sun to be enjoyed. Since you might not get out to the ballpark this time around, you can catch all the action right in your backyard. 

Outdoor 4K TVs are perfect for getting the most out of your backyard. Manufacturers offer ultra-bright models in multiple sizes to fit your needs. Boasting greater brightness to compete with the sun and ambient light at night, outdoor TVs also feature water-tight connections and durable outer casings to withstand the elements.

Automated Home Theater

An outdoor home theater combines your AV systems with other elements for a fun movie night under the stars. And when you integrate everything with a single, easy-to-use automation system, you can get even more out of all your technology.

With a single touch, you can turn on your TV and sound system and other technologies like lights and fire fixtures. You can control everything with the same interface and even combine multiple controls to work simultaneously.

At Electronic Integration, we want to build an outdoor entertainment system that fits your needs and lifestyle. If you’re ready to start enjoying the benefits of smart technology in your home, click here