How to Enjoy High-Quality Audio in Your Outdoor Spaces

How to Enjoy High-Quality Audio in Your Outdoor Spaces

Discover How a Premium Outdoor Audio System Creates the Immersive Music Experience You Need

Is poor outdoor audio making you and your guests want to go back inside? Setting up an outdoor sound system may seem simple: install a few speakers, run some wires, and you’re done! That’s simply not the case. To achieve the immersive sound you want, you need the right equipment and the right setup. If you don’t have either one, then the experience you have when listening to music outside will fall short.

In this blog, we’ll explain why your current system is likely suffering and what you can do about it. Keep reading to see how your home in Denver, CO, can become the place for stunning outdoor entertainment.

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Something Doesn’t Sound Right

Audio waves move a lot like water. They bounce off hard surfaces, are obstructed by various objects, and dissipate if they encounter certain materials. So, in order to channel sound in the right direction, you need a premium landscape speaker system that is properly configured for your outdoor space. But achieving the perfect sound quality on your patio, yard, or pool deck is no easy feat.

Haphazardly placing a few speakers on the wall or certain locations in your yard, unless properly installed, will lead only to jumbled sound quality and disappointment. At best, a DIY system will likely create one-dimensional audio that doesn’t surround you. Also, unless you know what you’re doing, the sound quality will be spotty – quiet in some places, loud in others, and inadequate to provide the fantastic surround sound you want.

Here’s Music to Your Ears!

First of all, indoor speakers aren’t intended for outdoor use. Not only are they susceptible to rust, corrosion, and moisture damage, but they are designed specifically for indoor environments. However, an outdoor speaker system is built to withstand the elements and deliver consistent sound throughout open spaces.

Most outdoor audio systems include wall speakers, ground-level speakers, and underground subwoofers. Whether you’re watching a movie on your Samsung Terrace TV or listening to your favorite artist while wading in your pool, you’ll enjoy amazing sound quality, just like you would in your media room.

By placing the subwoofers and speakers in certain locations throughout your outdoor listening area, you’ll ensure a consistent sound quality wherever you go. That means you won’t have to blare the speakers for everyone to enjoy the music. Instead, you create a full and even soundstage where everyone on your property hears audio at a constant level. If you need to adjust anything – turn the volume up or down, change songs, or EQ the system – you can do it all from your smart home tablet or smartphone app.

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