Get More Out of Technology with Fast, Reliable Home Networking

Get More Out of Technology with Fast, Reliable Home Networking

Whether you’re working from home or enjoying your AV system, robust networking ensures secure connections

Staying home this summer means spending more time with the TV. And for many of us, it means working out of our Denver-area homes, too. So you’ll need a home networking system that can support all of your activity. From streaming 4K video and lossless audio simultaneously to operating your business with reliable connections, you can get more out of your home technology with smart networking solutions. At Electronic Integration, our expert guidance and structured cabling help make your network easy to maintain and easy to count on. Want to learn more? Keep reading.


What Is a Network?

A network is the backbone of your connect technology system. It uses the internet to facilitate connections for each device in your smart home system. Think of it as a roadway. Each device represents a stop. Your network must have enough space on the road to keep all the traffic moving.

That space is called bandwidth. High bandwidth networks are like giant, multi-lane superhighways. They allow the big trucks through — large signals like 4K, lossless audio, and more — without slowing down traffic to other essential traffic.

Networks are available as both hardwired and wireless installations. Both have their purposes, so many homeowners end up with a hybrid solution. At Electronic Integration, we build networks that can handle all of your devices, from a home office to a private theater. We can even make sure your guests have limited access to a separate network, so they won’t disrupt operations when they come over to visit.

Why Is Speed Important?

When you press a button on your smart home controller, you want to see an immediate response. But if your network is overburdened, you could see slowdowns or blackouts. When a network supports security and comfort technology as well as AV and office devices, it needs enough bandwidth to ensure all devices are served equally.

But space isn’t the only aspect of delivering high-speed performance. We use top of the line equipment and the latest prioritization protocols to ensure the right systems are getting a signal when you need them.

Reliability is essential to your home network, but you don’t have to sacrifice speed. At Electronic Integration, we make sure you get the best of both worlds.

Easy Maintenance and Servicing

Sometimes things go wrong. Our installations don’t just minimize poor performance, but we also make them easy to maintain thanks to intelligent racking and structured cabling design. If we have to service your system, we’ve taken the appropriate steps so that it’s easy, safe, and quick.

If you want to work with Electronic Integration, Colorado’s leader in home automation and integration solutions, click here or call 303-761-7277. We look forward to speaking with you!