Need More Bandwidth? Upgrade Your Home Network!

Need More Bandwidth? Upgrade Your Home Network!

Feed Your Need for Speed with an Advanced Home Network Installation  

Smart lights, smart TVs, smart home security, but a slow internet? That simply won’t do! With all the wireless and wired technologies in your home, it’s no wonder they’re having problems. The more devices connected to your internet – the bigger the need for greater internet bandwidth. So, how do you resolve the problem? 

The only solution – besides disconnecting several internet-dependent devices – is to upgrade your home networking system. Then, it will be able to handle all your connected technologies, including TVs, smartphones, computers, and all smart home devices. Keep reading to discover how a new home network installation at your Denver, CO, gives you the speed you need.  

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Why You Need a Stronger Home Network 

Not long ago, when the internet and Wi-Fi became available for residential use, homeowners only had a few technologies that required connection. Even for some people now, a standard internet plan works fine, because they simply use their phones, computers, and TVs throughout the day.  

However, it all changes when you live in a smart home. If you have two or more 4K televisions, computers, several smartphone users, and smart home technologies, a standard home network system will not suffice. All of those digital signals going to your router create a “traffic jam” that bogs down the system. You’ll experience buffering while watching a 4K movie in your home theater, dropped video conference calls, and difficulty connecting when browsing the internet. 

It’s Time to Boost Your Bandwidth 

It’s frustrating FaceTiming friends when your Wi-Fi is weak, or your internet is unstable. Why does that happen? When someone in your house is doing online gaming, another person is watching a movie on Netflix, and yet another is streaming music, you’ll certainly have bandwidth gridlock! All of these create more internet usage than an average home network system can handle.  

The solution is to either upgrade your internet plan or use a smart home integrator like Electronic Integration to install enterprise-grade solutions for your home network. Ordinary routers aren’t built to handle smart homes. By installing advanced equipment and wiring, you get the speed you need for a smooth-running smart home.  

What’s Up with Your Wi-Fi? 

Let’s say you already have a state-of-the-art router and one that accesses the internet through fiberoptic cables . . . yet, the connectivity throughout your home is still subpar. In that case, the problem doesn’t relate to your router. Instead, it’s probably the strength of your Wi-Fi signal. The further away a device is from the router, the weaker the signal is. So, if your home theater is far from the router, you’ll notice problems when streaming content.  

Other technologies in your home – if not hardwired – could suffer as well. Your smart lighting, whole-home audio, and motorized shades may be slow to respond. One of the solutions is to install Wi-Fi extenders or a mesh network to ensure consistent and reliable coverage throughout your home. Then, no matter how large your property, you’ll always have a strong signal wherever you go.  

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