Immersive vs. Casual: How to Set Up Your Home Entertainment System for Both

Immersive vs. Casual: How to Set Up Your Home Entertainment System for Both

Is Your Surround Sound Too Intense for Casual TV Time? Try These Fixes. 

Many people think it must be one or the other for home entertainment: a home theater or the living room. Why not combine the best of both? 

If you want to make the most of your home theater space, or if you hope to bring more power to your current home entertainment system, there’s a way to bridge casual and immersive viewing. No matter the room’s design, you can enjoy movies, TV, sports, and music with incredible audio and video, perfectly calibrated and set to your preferences. 

Here’s how we recommend creating a versatile, multi-purpose media room in your Denver, CO, home. 

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Balance Your Surround Sound 

DIY home theater owners often complain that their surround sound is too loud and intense, with action movies shaking the whole house. That’s no good—even in an immersive theater setting. It’s especially distracting if you’re only trying to watch the game with friends over appetizers and drinks. 

If you’d like to tone down the booming surround sound, enlist a professional’s help. Audio is both a science and a craft, and we know the best location for all your system’s speakers. We can also calibrate loudspeakers so they won’t overpower the room. Until we step in, try moving your subwoofer away from the corner, and see where you can improve the room’s acoustics with soft materials. 

Control Light with Motorized Shades & Smart LEDs 

If you’re casually enjoying music over the surround sound system or playing a re-run on the screen, you might not care if sunlight is filtering into the room. But if you’re finally settling down to watch the new Batman movie, you’ll want to experience total immersion. Even in the early evening, any ambient light will take you out of the film. It’s the difference between feeling like you’re in the movie and seeing a movie across the room. 

If there are windows in your theater or media room, an easy fix is to install motorized shades. Blackout shades will extinguish any light, and they’re simple to control through one press of a button. Automated lighting also lets you set lights to your exact preference. Tap a “Movie” button, and lights dim and shift colors to your favorite settings. 

Install a Large Enough Display 

To create a versatile home entertainment space, you need to be able to scale the experience up or down. And to enjoy those awe-inspiring cinematic moments, you need your screen to be large enough to take you there. 

Projector screens have long been used in home theaters for their vast dimensions. But 4K TVs are getting bigger too. Sony’s 4K displays are available as large as 85 and even 100 inches. 

Consider Lifts & Hidden AV 

One minute a room is a gathering place for the family to talk, read, and relax. And the next minute, it can transform into an immersive theater or media room. In-ceiling TV lifts lower screens automatically when it’s movie time, and hidden in-wall speakers create the appearance of a tech-free environment. That way, your media room can include larger-than-life entertainment without bulky technology when not in use. 


Whatever your home entertainment goals are, we can make it happen through stunning visuals, audio, lighting, and professional design. Contact Electronic Integration in Denver to learn more and get started on your system today!