What Is OLED? The Technology Behind Today’s Best TVs

What Is OLED? The Technology Behind Today’s Best TVs

Discover What Makes OLED the Top Choice for Flat Panel TVs 

When purchasing a new TV, some folks only pay attention to the size, price, and little else. But if you’re in the market for a new entertainment system, you’d be wise to look out for the four letters “OLED.” 

If you want a television that offers the best picture quality and impresses for many years, OLED flat panel TVs by brands like Sony are the ultimate choice. Why, you may ask? In this blog, we’ll share what OLED means and how it can bring superior visual quality to your Denver, Colorado home.

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What Does “OLED” Mean? 

OLED is an acronym for “Organic Light Emitting Diode.” If you’re raising your eyebrows at a TV called ‘organic,’ it only means that every pixel on the screen is illuminated individually, rather than from a single blacklight panel like you find inside LED and LCD TVs. 

4K OLED televisions like Sony’s BRAVIA series display eight million separately-lit pixels. By illuminating individually, this allows each pixel to change to the precise color needed on the screen. You’ll never see gray, faded shadows where you should see a pitch-black night sky. Colors appear rich and accurate, just as filmmakers intended them to be seen. 

How OLED Compares to Other TVs 

OLED is considered peak picture quality today, but what makes it better than LED and LCD screens? As we said, conventional TVs use a light source on the backside to create a visual image. On OLED televisions, pixels are embedded on the front of the panel, allowing it to be ultra-thin and mounted flat against the wall. 

OLED’s self-illuminating pixels create deeper blacks, richer colors, and a clearer image than other TVs. So if you’re watching a dark battle scene on HBO’s House of the Dragon, for instance, you’ll see it as clear as real-life, while those with LDC TVs at home struggle to see the action.

OLED for Any Location

Sony OLED TVs are ultra-thin, making them an excellent choice to mount flush to any wall. Sony’s BRAVIA XR A90J is available in 83 inches, large enough for home theater or media room setups. If you’re a minimalist at heart, you can disguise your flat panel TV with an in-ceiling or in-wall TV lift that hides the screen when not in use and retracts it at the press of a button. There are many creative ways to install a new TV—don’t be afraid to think outside the box!  

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