2 Smart Technologies for Your New Home or Remodeling Project

2 Smart Technologies for Your New Home or Remodeling Project

Learn How a Control4 Gold Dealer Can Enhance Your Smart Home Experience 

Do you live in a picture-perfect home? Even though you love the architecture, the layout, and the overall design, you have a nagging feeling that something is missing. The truth is . . . there probably is! Most people go about their days using a wide variety of “smart technologies,” such as iPhones, Android phones, smart car features, computers, and voice assistants. And yet, they fail to take advantage of smart products in their homes.  

Take a step into the future of home automation. Whether you plan to remodel or build a new home, you’ll experience a life of luxury by adding smart technologies. Electronic Integration is a Control4 dealer in Denver, CO, that makes it happen for you. Keep reading to discover two ways we can make your home smart and your life more enjoyable. 

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Enjoy Seamless Light Control 

Can you imagine what it was like to illuminate your home before electricity? Instead of flipping a switch, you’d need to light an oil lamp. But that only worked if you had enough oil in your lamp. Candles provided some light, but they were messy and left sooty deposits. Neither option was ideal for night-time home entertainment. Once Thomas Edison discovered how to harness electricity, everything changed. Yet, even then, many homes had webs of visible wiring that looked unsightly – even though they had light.  

Now, we’re not only able to easily light our homes and electrical appliances, but we can do it smarter than ever before. Instead of flipping switches or operating motorized shades manually, a smart lighting control system lets you do it seamlessly and remotely. With a Control4 smart home system, you simply touch an icon on your tablet to adjust the lights or shades from your seat. You can also change the lighting color as well as program your system to operate automatically. Now, wouldn’t that be a great way to bring new light to your remodeling or new home-build project?  

Are You Ready for Home Entertainment? 

Some homeowners are content with watching a movie in their living rooms. There’s nothing wrong with that – unless you want the ultimate in-home entertainment. Integrated technology can do that for you with a home theater! By integrating a big-screen 4K TV or projector system, the surround sound system, the theater lighting, and the motorized shades, a home automation system gives you an entertainment space that is second to none. Add theater seating and custom décor, and you have the makings for a private cinema that rivals the movie theaters.  

With a Control4 system, you’ll program a scene, such as “Movie Night.” Then, when showtime comes, select the scene on your smart tablet. When you tap an icon, all your lights dim, the motorized shades lower, and the AV system starts. At the same time, you control all other technologies in your home while watching the movie. Check the security camera feed, adjust the thermostat, and say goodnight to your kids on the intercom system. Smart home technology makes home living convenient, luxurious, and entertaining.  

There’s So Much More Waiting for You 

We’ve only highlighted two features of smart home technology – lights and home entertainment. But there is much more. In fact, smart home control can be extended to nearly every technology in your home – appliances, outdoor AV, pool lighting, home security, and anything else that is connected to the system.  

Find out how Electronic Integration, a Control4 Gold dealer, can elevate your life by adding smart home control to your new home or remodel. Call us at 303-761-7277 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.