Make Your Home Smarter with Control4 Automation

Make Your Home Smarter with Control4 Automation

3 Compelling Reasons to Choose Control4 for Smart Home Control

Imagine what it would be like to have complete control of every technology in your home. Right now, you have a certain level of control, but it’s nowhere near as seamless as it could be. Last century, homeowners thought it was remarkable to control their TVs with a remote. Now, virtually everything can be enhanced and controlled through a touchpad, voice command, smartphone, or hands-free automation.

Take a leap into the future with Control4. Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling, or upgrading to a better system, you’ll find that Control4 home automation puts you in the driver’s seat. You’ll enjoy seamless control of all of your home’s systems – lights, security, home entertainment, motorized shades, and more. Read our blog to see why a Control4 smart home system is the right choice for your home.

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A Sophisticated yet Easy-to-Use System

You have enough going on in your world. Adding a complex home automation system seems like it would complicate things more. That can’t be further from the truth when Electronic Integration installs a Control4 system. If you can use a smartphone, then operating the C4 system is a breeze. The learning curve is virtually non-existent.

For instance, let’s say you’re sitting in the living room enjoying time with the family, but you want to adjust the lights. With your touchpad or smartphone (or even by voice command), you can make it happen right where you are – no need to get up. Super-easy light control with an icon-based system. Or maybe you’re in bed and realize you forgot to turn on the security system. Open up the C4 app and arm the system remotely. In fact, for your peace of mind, you can also check on all the security cameras right on the touchpad.

Think about how this adds more enjoyment in your home theater. Instead of juggling three or more remotes for the TV, sound system, and cable, everything is integrated into the Control4 system. Because the interface is icon-based, you won’t need to read a multi-page user manual to figure it out. Just click the icon, and you’re in complete control.

Control4 Plays Well with Others

Not all technologies get along with each other. For instance, Android phones aren’t compatible with iPhones. Traditional DVD players can’t play Blu-Ray movies. And European car parts can’t be used on American cars. The same is true with technologies in your home. For smart home control to be seamless, the primary system must work well with all connected devices.

Here’s where Control4 rises above others. Their operating system works perfectly with more than 14,000 3rd-party products. In other words, C4’s partners ensure that their products “play well” with the C4 system. But it goes beyond plug-and-play functionality. Control4 products are also customizable. If any modifications are required, Electronic Integration is a Control4 Gold Dealer that makes any adjustments needed.

Why a Robust Home Network Is Important

Suppose you are watching a movie in your home theater or streaming music in your media room. At the same time, your spouse is on a video conference call in the home office, while your children are using their phones. Unfortunately, if you do not have a robust home network, everything grinds to a halt or operates inefficiently. Control4 understands that a robust home network is the backbone of a high-performing smart home system. Their networking products are enterprise-grade and provide a strong network that delivers! You’ll run all the technologies in your home without any problem.

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