Paradigm Is The Premier Choice For Audio-Visual Installations

Paradigm Is The Premier Choice For Audio-Visual Installations

Open Your Ears to Premium Quality Sound with Paradigm Speakers

Choosing the right brand for your home audio system isn’t always easy. After all, there are many popular products on the market. And each one promises to deliver premium sound quality. But don’t be fooled. Just because a brand is “popular” doesn’t mean it produces high-end products. Speaker brands from big-box stores may claim to offer incredible sound, but bring them home, and they could disappoint you.

Instead of simply buying speakers off the shelf for your audio-visual installation project, choose a company with a long-standing reputation for producing high-end products. Paradigm was founded in 1982 and is an industry leader in the high-end audio market. Discover why a Paradigm speaker system is the premier choice for your Denver, CO, home.

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What’s So Special About Paradigm?

We would need several pages – and even more if we were to get very technical – to highlight all the features and benefits of Paradigm. For now, we can sum up Paradigm in a simple phrase: ultra-high-end audio! The company doesn’t focus on mass production. In fact, they aren’t even trying to win a popularity contest. Instead, they strive to design and manufacture high-end speakers that give audiophiles what they want – pure, unadulterated sound quality when they listen to music.

One of the ways they accomplish this is with their patented RED technology. RED stands for Reduced Edge Diffraction. The design of the speakers enhances midrange frequencies as well as reduces the effect of heat on the tweeters. The result is a more consistent sound. Paradigm accomplishes this by creating tweeters with irregular edges and giving them an off-center placement. The unique design breaks up the interfering standing waves that are usually created by traditional woofer cone and tweeter designs.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Paradigm speakers not only sound fantastic, but they look good as well. The company’s wide selection of home speakers includes in-wall, in-ceiling, architectural, and floor-standing. No matter which you choose, each collection blends aesthetics and performance for an audio-visual experience you’ll love. For instance, the Décor collection blends the speakers into your décor on either side of your TV – whether it’s in the living room, media room, or home theater. The company also has a Cinema line that includes a surround-sound system that immerses you in anything you watch on the big screen.

If you like to brag about your high-end audio, why not opt for the Founder Series from Paradigm? The speakers create an impressive statement that you simply can’t ignore. Most importantly, you’ll experience true audio immersion when you crank up the volume. The Founder also includes the Oblate Spherical Waveguide (OSW™), which allows your system to adjust based on the room. So, the speakers actively maintain their sonic focus, adjusting according to your listening area. This ensures the music quality is perfect for any room.

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